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True Blood – Love Is To Die – Advance Preview

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   Dear Trubies, this Sunday HBO will air the last episode of True Blood before the season finale, titled “Love Is To Die”… (and since last week’s cliffhanger, we know exactly who the title is referring to... Stupid Bill).
   It has been a year since the decision to end True Blood after its seventh season came, but still I don’t realize just yet there are only two episodes left and then, no more Sookie Stackhouse, no more Pam’ humor, no more hotness from Eric Northman, no more cries from Arlene, no more screams from Ginger, no more romantic drama in Jessica’s life, etc. Next summer will be weird without True Blood

   This season has been one of the best, probably not the best but all the episodes were enjoyable. Some of them were better than others. I really enjoyed the first five episodes of the season, the stories were well packed, linking every characters against a common threat just like in season one or two.
   Now, the episodes are dedicated to conclude the different stories for each secondary characters (Jason, Jess, Arlene, Andy…) and are also focusing on ending the main story of the show : the Sookie/Bill/Eric relationship (via the Hep V / Sarah Antidote storyline). They are the main characters of the show afterall, it's important to finish their story before the show finally ends.

   “Love Is To Die” is a great episode, it’s a solid installment which will resolve some of the secondary stories, and of course it will focus on Bill’s choice not to drink the antidote and its consequences for the ones who loves him. (Sookie and Jessica mostly). You can expect them to react differently but they both won’t understand Bill’s choice.
   Actually, I didn’t understand it first as well, but in “Love Is To Die”, Bill will have a chance to explain himself and his speech will be quite efficient. Bill has really thought it through, he has solid arguments, but the best part of his speech is who he is delivering it to.
   But Bill isn’t the only one to have solid arguments. Although he has convinced himself he is doing the right thing, someone or something could make him make change his mind.

   Find below what else you can expect from “Love Is to Die” :

- Hoyt and Jessica will continue to see each other and to explore their special bond, causing troubles in Hoyt’s couple. But Bridget has a friend in Bon Temps to make her feel better : Jason Stackhouse. So, this triangle square love thing will get messy and some of them might end up heartbroken.
- Arlene will organize a dinner at Bellefleur’s. I love those kind of scenes in True Blood where the characters meet, share time and laugh together. And Arlene will give a very emotional speech to Sookie, once again.
- Remember last time we saw Sam, Nicole gave him an ultimatum about leaving Bon Temps. Well, Sam has made his choice and I was actually quite surprised of his decision. I’ve never really liked Nicole anyway but I really wanna see her give birth.
- A very emotional scene between Bill and Jessica, between the maker and his progeny. Deborah Ann Woll made me shed a tear.
- A very hot yet very weird sex scene between a vampire and his fang banger.
- A hilarious scene between Pam and Sarah. They are the two funniest characters on True Blood right now. Kristin Bauer van Straten and Anna Camp are amazing in that scene. The writers really exploited their comic talent.
 - A very interesting and meaninful scene between Sookie and Eric. I have missed a scene between just the two of them during the season so I'm glad they finally have a chance to sit down and talk.
- Jason will open up in one scene, and for once Ryan Kwanten can prove he can do more than just being hot with his sexy body, his charming face and his perfect smile.
- Jessica will finally have a talk with James about their former relation, and about James' new relation with Lafayette. It will be good for them to have closure. It’s the theme of those final episodes after all

   “Love is to Die” is full of surprises, it is really a great and solid episode, which will end on a great cliffhanger. As if we were not excited enough about the series finale, the end of the episode promises a terrific and epic final episode. Everything is coming together and the danger is very near.
   Are you excited about “Love Is To Die” ? Hit the comments !

   And finally, the quotes game from “Love Is To Die”. Who will say :

- “That is the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard”
- “We ain’t gonna have sex tonight”
- “One drink from you, and a vampire is good as new”
- "Death is scary. I’ve been avoiding it for a thousand years”
- “She knows”

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