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True Blood – Almost Home – Review : "Quiet, Antidote" 

   Hey Trubies ! The end of our favorite show is coming, we all know it but clearly in last night episode, “Almost Home”, we got a strong vibe the end was near. The stories of the characters we've loved so much over the years are all coming to an end.
   It was an intense episode, with Sookie still trying to cure Bill, Eric and the Yakuzas capturing Sarah Antidote, Violet’s plan coming on Jason and Jessica, the return of the love triangle Hoyt/Jessica/Jason and the goodbyes of Tara to her mother and Lafayette. As I said, it was intense, let's waste no time and start reviewing what happened !

   “Almost Home” started with a bang, picking up right where we left last week. Sarah finally decided to stop hiding and accept her fate. She walked right in front of Eric and the Yakuzas. In no time, Eric jumped on her, and drank some blood from her to cure himself, after Pam threatened to kill herself if he killed Sarah. She is so devoted, that was sweet but please, don’t play with Pam’s life anymore. I’m always afraid, it’s the final season, the writers could be really sadistic and kill her. They killed Tara after all.
   Now, Eric is cured and the Yakuzas have Sarah Antidote. But unfortunately, they revealed to Eric and Pam, back at Fangtasia, that New Blood won’t be ready just yet and nobody can know about Sarah being the cure. Too bad for Bill...

   As Bill is infected and condemned to die, he and Sookie are spending their sweet time together. They finally opened up about their relationship and the mistakes they both made, but mostly Bill’s. He finally revealed Queen Sophie-Anne’s plans.
   Remember, the reason why Sookie left Bill and hated him so much, he was working with the Queen and that’s the reason he first met Sookie. Anyways, Sophie Anne actually wanted to breed Sookie so she could still have lots of fairies as the fairy realm was closing its portals. It wasn’t a shocking revelation but still I was very happy the writers finally concluded this storyline. But Bill’s love was always real, because Sookie reminded him of his human heart. It was sweet and they’re a great couple. Especially when there is so much drama around them.

   And it was just the beginning of drama. Because, as Eric was back in town (finally !) he had to pay a visit to his dear Sookie and the second she saw him, she knew there was a cure out there because his dirty red veins were all gone. Sookie was all impatient and despite Eric’s warning to wait for his call, she took matter into her own hands.
   Sookie drove to Fangtasia, which quickly was surrounded by the Yakuzas. She should have listened to Eric but it was already too late so she got in to meet with Eric and the Yakuzas got to meet Sookie Stackhouse. It was one of my favorite scene of the episode, I loved Sookie playing the fang banger with Eric and pretending to be glamour. But Sookie showed how obsessive and determined she can be. After listening to the Yakuza’s thoughts, she used the tunnel to get into Fangtasia’s basement. She even used her fairy magic blue power ball ! I love that power and after asking last week what were the advantages of being a fairy well, you can count two or three there Sookie. And she discovered that Sarah Newlin was there and she actually is the cure. (thanks to her fairy magic powers once again)

   Sookie was all over the place, she finally found she had been looking for : a cure for Bill. She told Jessica the good news and got Bill to Fangtasia as soon as night came. Luckily for them, the Yakuzas already left so Eric and Pam were ready to go get Bill.
   Bill just had to drink a bit from Sarah but something was weird when he took way too many time to do it, as Pam so nicely pointed out. Why would he hesitate to cure himself ? And finally, he said "No"… WTF ?
   I can’t believe after everything that happened between Sookie and him he could chose the true death and to leave her just when they found themselves again. It’s so selfish of him. I think now I understand why we got all those flashbacks of young William Compton. He remembered his first love and his first life, what he lost etc. I still hope Bill will change his mind and finally drink the bitch...

   The other part of the episode was centered on the old love triangle Hoyt / Jessica / Jason. I can’t say I’m happy with Hoyt’s return, I was glad when he left because it was emotional but it felt true and real, and it was exactly the right move for his character.
   I don’t like the idea of Hoyt and Jessica ending up together, for me it would felt like a regression for Jessica. After everything she has experienced, Hoyt is no longer the first man for her.   And it looks like Bridget is getting closer to Jason. I liked Jason with Violet so much more but that won’t happen again.
   Violet’s plan against Jessica and Jason turned against her. Yet, it started well. She had kidnapped Jessica, Adilyn and Wade, and she sent pictures to Jason. He was in the middle of a great dispute between Hoyt and Bridget. He bluntly said he will not have children, ever. That was awkward, I can totally understand his point of view but it wasn’t the right time to deliver this news. And he even didn’t see Jessica yet.

   Jason drove to Violet’s house, with Bridget since she didn’t want to stay with Hoyt anymore. Jason walked right into Violet’s trap and got captured and attached very quickly. How I loved Violet and everything she said, she was so funny, feeling so powerful and yet so fragile about her love and loyalty. She was betrayed by Jason and I don't think she could understand how Jason would pick someone else over her. Violet really had a high image of herself and she assumed it. I liked that in her. And her hot steel dildo was a great torture accessory. Unfortunately, she had no chance to torture as Hoyt came in and shot a bullet right in her heart. Poor Violet, I will miss you. At least her death was spectacular.
   Since Hoyt was the big savior of the day, Jessica saw him again and that was the beginning of the end. First, Jessica and Jason finally talked about their feelings and what they did. They realized they were just friends, and not lovers, so Jessica is single now.
   And the next day, Hoyt came visiting her and bringing her some warm blood. How touching. I have to admit Deborah Ann Woll and Jim Parrack have such a great chemistry together. They really both shine on screen when they’re together but still I’m not sure I want Jessica to go to Alaska with Hoyt.

   Finally, Tara was back in “Almost Home”. I think it’s the episode where she got the more screen time of the season. She didn’t speak much but I was happy to see her, even if she was a ghost.
   Lafayette and Lettie Mae were digging in the yard of their former house, following Tara’s instructions under James’ blood. I still don’t really understand why James’ blood is a link to Tara. Anyways, even the Reverend tried some V blood and actually saw it worked. Tara was there, wearing all white and blooming.
   Tara showed the three of them a flashback of her childhood, with young Sookie and young Lafayette during her birthday party ; which was interrupted by her drunk father. He made a scene, hit her mother so young Tara went to a bedroom and took a gun. She wanted to shot him down but couldn't, so she went outside to bury it. And in our time, Lafayette found the gun buried in the yard.
   Tara finally talked to her mother, telling her to go on living after her. It was touching but it felt a bit weird. I wish Tara could have stayed longer. But, at least Lettie Mae got to say goodbye to her daughter and Tara is finally gone… Rutina Wesley and Adina Porter were both extraordinary in that scene. I’m still mad at the writers for killing Tara in the final season. She could have been such a great asset to Sookie, Bill, Eric and Pam. For me, it’s a waste of her character and her potential. She was an amazing vampire.

   “Almost Home” was a great episode, it really changed the direction of the season and set the ground for the final episodes. I can’t make up my mind on Bill’s first reaction yet, it’s just too sudden. I’ve never picked him to chose the true death. What do you think of his reaction ? And what did you think of the episode ? Hit the comments !

Vampires notes : 
• Andy and Holly got reunited with their children. The scene where they all hug together was super cute. I’m glad their family is safe, and I can’t wait for the wedding !
• Arlene was gorgeous as usual, she is really at her place running the Bellefleur's. I'd never imagined that.
• Even if he has no idea, Hoyt avenged her mother’s death.
• No more Willa I guess ? She’s gone for good ? I was starting to like her. It feels like all the characters brought last season are slowly written out. First Willa, then Violet and James only purpose now is to feed and fuck Lafayette. Too bad.
• Do you want Jessica and Hoyt to end up together ?
• Were you satisfied with Tara’s goodbyes ? I wasn’t
• Sookie’s reaction when she found Sarah : it was priceless. Stupid Sarah really believed Sookie would save her. Ah ah. I can’t wait for her to die now.
• A year to wait for New Blood ? That’s way too long !

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