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True Blood – Almost Home – Advance Preview

   Hello Trubies, we all know that our favorite show is coming to an end, with only three episodes left, starting tomorrow with “Almost Home”.
   The first part of the final season has been really amazing, True Blood has proved it’s still a great show. The first 5 episodes were so good, full of action, twists and character developments. I really loved that every characters (oh god knows how many they are on this show) were involved and shared about the same amount of screen time. It was the end of the world in Bon Temps.

  Since Bill has been infected, the show has taken a new road. His sickness has become a major part of the show now. Sookie feels responsible for his condition, sure she is the one who contaminated him and her fairy blood is accelerating the sickness. Bill’s possible death has pushed Sookie back into his arms (finally !). And Sookie’s guilt has pushed her to find a cure for Bill… not knowing the cure is already out there, and it's Sarah. Eric and Pam are already looking for her, with the help of the Yakuzas.

   Meanwhile in Bon Temps, for the regular people, things are starting to get back to normal, way calmer than in the first part of the season. No more infected crazy vampires attacking, kidnapping and killing humans or other vampires (Tara !). Bon Temps has found back its peace. Now, it really feels like the writers are concluding the stories of each characters and it’s pleasant. True Blood is such a great show thanks to its characters, all of them, from Maxine to Sookie. The characters always mattered more than the magic or anything else on the show, so it’s a really a nice sent off for the fans.

   I had the privilege to watch “Almost Home”, and it’s really a wonderful episode, resolving some minor storylines and starting to establish new ones for the final episodes. Here’s a list of what you can expect from it :
• Lots of Bill and Sookie talking. He is sick, it’s her fault but they used to be everything for each other, so they will spend some time speaking about their relationship and their feelings. It will be more interesting than we could imagine.
• Some digging ! Remember last week Lafayette and Lettie Mae were digging up in a yard, and it was super weird. In “Almost Home”, we will finally understand why they’re doing that. And no, they are not digging graves. They're looking for something.
• Sookie will get a visit from a familiar face, bringing some good news. At last, she really needs it during this awful time. And also last week, Sookie questioned the advantages of being a fairy, well I think she would find at least two good ones in this episode.
• Hoyt will make a surprising revelation about his future. Maybe it’s because his mother just died but I really didn’t expected that from him. Of course, Bridget will be the most surprised.
• Bill will have a terrible vision/dream about Sookie. It’s quite scary actually.
• Violet’s plan to get her revenge on Jessica and Jason will come to play and it will be perfect. It will be pure Violet, so expect craziness. She is a cruel and cold psychopath, but she is fun and also touching in a way. I'm a big fan of her, and her plan is marvelous. I can’t say more about it but it sure is deadly.
• Someone unexpected will drink some vampire blood.
• Queen Sophie-Anne will be mentioned (it’s been such a long time !) and what she had planned for Sookie will be finally revealed !
• Eric, Pam and the Yakuzas are getting closer to Sarah, but the bitch always seems to find a way to run and a place to hide… However, this mouse and cat game can’t last forever. And actually, the real deal is what Eric really wants to do with Sarah and what the Yakuza really wants to do with her as well… If they get her of course.
• Tara will be back ! I really missed her this season. I don’t think I’ll get over her death. Anyways, for once she'll have more than one scene.

   Finally, here’s a list a quotes from the episode, guess which characters will say them, and to who :

- “I’ll be damned”
- “Worship me for the divine creature that I am”
- “You go on living, promise me ?”
- “I’m gonna die”
- “No more promises, no more apologizes, let’s just hug”
- “I actually feel our relationship is the least complicated in my life”
- “You’re a very brave girl. Brave and stupid”
- “You’ll be in my thoughts”
- “Sookie Stackhouse, you are a miracle. I knew it the first time I laid eyes on you”
- “If you kill her, I’ll pull the trigger”

   Are you excited about “Almost Home” ? Don't miss it tomorrow on HBO and start talking about it now in the comments !

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