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The Knick - Episode 1.04 - 1.07 - Press Releases

Episode #4: “Where’s the Dignity”
Debut: FRIDAY, SEPT. 5 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)
Other CINEMAX playdates: Sept. 5 (11:00 p.m., 1:00 a.m.), 6 (9:00 p.m., midnight), 7 (3:15 p.m.), 8 (8:00 p.m., 12:55 a.m.), 9 (10:00 p.m.) and 10 (9:00 p.m.), and Oct. 16 (10:45 p.m.)

Edwards (André Holland) forces Thackery’s (Clive Owen) hand during surgery, angering Eleanor (Maya Kazan). In recovery, Abigail (Jennifer Ferrin) regrets her past choices involving Thackery. Cleary (Chris Sullivan) and Sister Harriet (Cara Seymour) strike one deal, then another. Bertie’s (Michael Angarano) father, Dr. Bertram Chickering, Sr. (Reg Rogers), scolds his son for his career choices. Lucy (Eve Hewson) learns of Thackery’s secret life.

Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Episode #5: “They Capture the Heat”
Debut: FRIDAY, SEPT. 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
Other CINEMAX playdates: Sept. 12 (11:00 p.m., 12:45 a.m.), 13 (9:00 p.m., 11:40 p.m.), 14 (3:50 p.m.), 15 (8:00 p.m., 12:25 a.m.), 16 (10:00 p.m.) and 17 (9:00 p.m.), and Oct. 16 (11:45 p.m.)

Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) looks to pay down a debt by treating one of Collier’s (Danny Hoch) wounded men at the Knick, and tries to convince Captain Robertson (Grainger Hines) to invest in a new Edison invention. Still marginalized by Thackery, Edwards attempts to improve on a hernia surgery. Everett (Eric Johnson) and Eleanor fear for their baby’s health; Cleary and Sister Harriet visit Chinatown.

Written by Steven Katz; directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Episode #6: “Start Calling Me Dad”
Debut: FRIDAY, SEPT. 19 (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
Other CINEMAX playdates: Sept. 19 (11:00 p.m., 12:50 a.m.), 20 (9:00 p.m., 12:10 a.m.), 21 (3:00 p.m.), 22 (8:00 p.m., 12:40 a.m.), 23 (10:00 p.m.) and 24 (9:00 p.m.), and Oct. 16 (12:35 a.m.)

After testing out a new procedure, Thackery and Bertie vow to reverse a series of failures in the operating theatre. Euphoric after helping Speight (David Fierro), Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) finds herself less than enthusiastic about her status as the future Mrs. Phillip Showalter. Thackery entertains a salesman’s pitch; Everett considers how to help Eleanor with her grief; Barrow haggles over used merchandise. Edwards finds his clinic, and his career, in jeopardy after a surprise encounter.

Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Episode #7: “Get the Rope”
Debut: FRIDAY, SEPT. 26 (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
Other CINEMAX playdates: Sept. 26 (11:00 p.m., 12:50 a.m.), 27 (9:00 p.m., midnight), 28 (3:30 p.m.), 29 (8:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m.) and 30 (10:00 p.m.), and Oct. 1 (9:00 p.m.) and 16 (1:30 a.m.)

The stabbing of a cop by a black man stirs up racial tension on the street and in the Knick, forcing Thackery and Edwards to take action. Everett returns to work and a changed OR; Barrow fears for Junia’s (Rachel Korine) safety; Cornelia is impressed with Edwards’ ingenuity; Lucy is escorted home.

Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh.


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