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The Bridge - Goliath - Review

Previously on The Bridge: Eleanor has a really creepy and sad backstory, Frye and Adriana have gotten too close to their investigation, Eleanor is taking a damage report, Charlotte is the DEA's newest informant, Marco tells us a lie that protects everyone and a 15 year old secret finally comes out.

Sonya: I can't say enough for the wonderful acting of Diane Kruger and the wonderful talent of the writing staff on The Bridge. They have done an excellent job of weaving a character's story together. Along the way, Sonya has changed, regressed, and been allowed to make her own determination of what is right and wrong. I enjoyed Sonya's state of confusion in this episode. She is unsure of Marco's allegiance, unguarded (and also unrestrained) by Hank's leadership, and simply unsure of herself. What these suspicions will lead to, given the surprise visitor she had in her house at the end of this episode, is yet to be seen, but sure to be interesting.

Adriana & Frye: Frye's story took a fairly predictable, yet still enjoyable turn in this episode. I liked the way that Frye became completely unhinged, without any fear for his own safety. I question whether it was out of bravery or just the alcohol & drugs talking, but all the same I enjoyed it. His punishment for his assault on Sebastian Cerisola was unbelievably light, although not completely surprising. Adriana called in a huge favor by having Marco let Frye out. If I was Marco, I would have been inclined to let Frye spend a few nights in the nasty jail myself.

Eva & Linder: I may be in the minority group opinion-wise here, but I was completely bored by Eva & Linder's talks during this entire episode. Linder is very creepy and while he may be well intentioned, it doesn't make him any less creepy! While their conversations bored me to tears, I was quite pleased to see their advancing on their revenge spree. I wonder where Captain Robles is on that list? I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks of this story line in the comments!

Fausto Galvan: Fausto Galvan, the most notorious drug dealer ever, had his base raided while he was sitting on the toilet. Of course somebody like Fausto Galvan has to have a secret tunnel right by his trusty throne. (Was I the only one that was reminded of the Harry Potter scene where they flush into the Ministry? Only me? Ok.) I was quite pleased with the advancements of this story as they both provided an ample amount of action and setup a lot for next week. Given the discovery of Eleanor's father in the cage, I am curious to see how long it takes Fausto to reunite with Eleanor. Fausto Galvan clearly has some more tricks up his sleeve.

Rating: 9.2/10 - The Bridge continues to maintain an A trend. While this episode was simply not as good as the previous three, the plot moved, the action was awesome, and there was plenty of character development. What more can you ask from a show?

Quotes (with names)

He sells drugs! He's a real life drug dealer! Yes he is! - Frye
Killing Americans is not going to take care of anything. We have to get out. - Sebastian Cerisola
Move it. Come off the balls of your feet. - Fausto Galvan
No, excuse me, asshole, no! - Marco Ruiz
On this side of the bridge, you keep your head down and your mouth shut. - Marco Ruiz
You do if you don't want the CIA involved. - Sonya Cross
Only you and Hank Wade, not a word to Marco Ruiz! - Agent McKenzie

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