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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 8.02 - The Junior Professor Solution - Taping Report

Scene 1 (cold open)
Sheldon said he heard that during the world war II, they were developing super soldiers by impregnating women with another species. They would be half gorilla half human. Amy said were they considering any other animals?. Leonard suggested that hippo would be pretty badass, Howard said yeah but they would have to stop at Marble. Sheldon said it should be Koala, so they would be an Army so cute and couldn’t be attacked.

Penny is gonna start her job next Monday, Bernie asked if she looked at the material Bernie gave her. Penny said not yet. Bernie was angry with that. Sheldon said to Amy “I’m sensing something awkward, am I right?” Amy said yes, and Sheldon said “switch” (I don’t understand what it means so I might get the word wrong)

Penny said ‘Do you want me to be a teacher’s pet?’ Leonard asked if anyone ever got hurt being a teacher’s pet, and all of them raised their hands. (I don’t understand this as well, maybe you guys could explain this joke to me)

Scene 2
Sheldon was at Janine Davis’ office. She said they will promote him to be a professor as a solution because his grant was for a specific research. Sheldon said but it requires teaching so I will pass the knowledge to the next generation. She said yes, Sheldon said you guys are sick.

Scene 3
Amy’s lab
Amy was stimulating pleasure self of a starfish. Penny came to her lab to invite her to lunch. Amy asked about Bernie. Penny said she didn’t invite Bernie because ever since Bernie got her that job she doesn’t stop bugging Penny. Amy said Bernie want her to do well and Penny was stunningly poor waitress, she’s still waiting for her corn dog 2 years ago. Amy said she was uncomfortable talking about someone behind their back because normally it was right at her face. Amy said okay she just had to turn off the switch, Penny asked why. Amy said the starfish will have a better day than her. Then Amy said there was a research that cheering a negative attitude toward third party will make the bonding between the two better, so what’s that skanks’ problem.

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