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The 100 - Season 2 - Octavia and The Grounders Spoilers

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Where will we see Octavia when "The 100" returns for Season 2?
Octavia's becoming a Grounder and they don't speak English. She's going to have to do some negotiating at some point or another. Maybe she's in disguise, maybe she's not, and she has to let them know her thoughts and that she comes in peace. So that may or may not be in English.

There is a whole other language this season?
This language was created just for our show which is so cool. The Grounders, the way they speak is more direct than ours. They're very straight and to the point because they were left on Earth for those 97 years through the apocalypse and everything so their speech and the evolution of it has really transformed.

Is Octavia going to have any interactions with the rest of the 100?
She's going to have to be independent because she's separated from the group, and she's practically dying again, for like the 10th time.

Octavia's loyalty has been compromised, at least from the 100's point of view. I don't think they all essentially realize that [Lincoln] did save her life, and maybe [the Grounders] aren't so bad. But now they're attacking us and he's on our side, so it's a very confusing relationship. Octavia will continue to explore the Grounders because she's morphing and transforming.

Can you give any hints about what that means?
I'm currently sword training and it's the best.

Does Jasper have a shot with Octavia, or does her heart belong to Lincoln?
Unfortunately I think Jasper is disappointed because he had a hard time getting out of the friend zone. Octavia knew what it was like to be wrongfully accused for something, because her crime was just simply being born. She got thrown in prison because she had to be hidden under floorboards for her entire life. When Lincoln saved her life, all her people were punishing him in a terrible, brutal way, she had to stick up for him. Their bond runs a lot deeper, I think, because they're making such immense, epic sacrifices for each other.

The 100 Season 2 Premieres Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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