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Teen Wolf - Weaponized - Review/Recap: "What doesn't kill you"

We come to the eighth episode of Teen Wolf’s season 4 and the same as every episode this season it did not fail to deliver on drama, action and people dying. This week’s episode was titled “Weaponized” and was written by Alyssa Clark and directed by Tim Andrew.

As with most episodes of Teen Wolf the main drama is centralised in Beacon Hills High School. The episode starts off introducing a new assassin that wants to get paid with the Hale’s money and is willing to kill anyone for it. We see him in a lab type of place that he appears to be killing an unknown werewolf and casually drinking his tea while listening to the tape that the benefactor has given him.

We jump to Stiles and Scott sitting in their room listening to the same tape with $500,000 of the Hale money sitting in front of them. They are trying to understand why someone would pay all this money to people just to kill all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills. While they are trying to decide whether or not to give the money back to Derek and Peter (peter being the homicidal killer, as Stiles describes him) Malia walks in and tells them that she and Derek found the rest of Satomi’s pack and they had been poisoned and Derek is at the hospital bringing Braeden there to help her and find out if she knows what happened.

We then see Deaton back at the animal shelter, uses his mad skills to blocking a hooded figure, until he realises that it is the Alpha Satomi herself needing his help. Within only five minutes of the episode starting there are a lot of things happening that need to be explained, in true Teen Wolf style.

As if it were a regular teenage drama TV-show we see Malia, Kira, Stiles and Scott in line to take their PSAT for school and they are all stressing out. Of course Lydia isn’t there because she has already taken the tests before everyone else. Malia is having doubts with taking the test and Scott reassures her that she’ll be fine and they need to do this because even though they are trying not to die they still need to live.

It’s interesting because when we watch Teen Wolf we sometimes forget that through all this drama and mayhem they are just teenagers trying to find their way and pass high school but of course they have to face all these supernatural creatures and professional assassins trying to constantly kill them for a fair bit of cash.

As with most exams within high school you have to give our phone up at the front and sign into the exam, except they have to use ink to print their fingerprint to sign in. And mostly when you sign into an exam you don’t have a professional assassin as the person that is watching over you. Yep, you guested it the calm guy that was drinking his tea at the start of the episode is watching over our favourite group of teenagers, let’s call him the Chemist.

Before starting the exam the chemist says to Mrs Martin that there is meant to be two teachers monitoring this exam and she goes to look where Coach is, upon finding him she thinks that he has drunk an excessive amount and has passed out in his office, so she offers that Mr. Yukimua is upstairs and can help out, however, the chemist says they can get him later because they need to start the exam.

During the start of the exam one of the students fall of her chair because of dizziness and Mrs Martin comes to her attention and sees a rash type of mark on the girl’s wrist and when she asks her about it, the girl has no idea where it came from. Mrs Martin realises something and goes back to Coach in his office, she checks if Coach has the some mark on his wrist, almost relived she relaxes but then she lifts up his shirt and see a huge rash covering his entire back. Acting on impulse she yells at students that were about to come inside the school and calls the CDC (Centers of Disease Control) to have the school on lock down.

The next scene we see people coming into the school in protective suits to try and inspect what is having and to prevent an outbreak. With the people in protective suits this scene reminds me of Monsters INC when Boo first came onto the Monsters territory, however, this is a bit more serious than a child coming into the area.

Of course with the CDC coming into the school, Sheriff Stilinski is called and wants to know what is happening because his son is in the school.

Back to Deaton and Satomi, Satomi has brought in one of her pack and he is poisoned and Satomi says first it starts with fever, than shifting becomes uncontrollable (fangs, claws the whole lot) and then they become totally blind and from there they only have a couple of minutes left before they die. Deaton has no idea what to do so he calls the person that knows more about hospital proceed and of course knows all about werewolves in Beacon Hills, Melissa McCall.

We jump back to what is happening with Derek and a wounded Braeden in the hospital and Melissa is trying to wake her up to get information about the poison because she just found out that the school is on lock down with everyone inside. Braeden tells them that Satomi’s pack were infected with a virus to kill werewolves and it worked. Back on the virus infected school, we see Scott start to get the first symptoms that Satomi described first with a fever and then his shifting becomes uncontrollable.

Finally revealing where Lydia has been during this episode is in her holiday house slowly losing her mind trying to use her powers as a banshee. She appears to have taken objects for the late Meredith trying to get help with her powers, get nothing happens until she sees a photograph taken of Meredith in the very room that she is in.

Back at the school Malia starts to ask Kira whether she thinks that Stiles and Scott are keeping a secret from them, Kira totally obvious says she doesn’t understand what she is talking about. They are both in line to get their blood taken to see if they are feeling okay. Kira freaking out hits a shot of lighting into the ladies protective suit so she runs out just in case her suit out penetrated. While getting outside both Sheriff and Papa McCall runs to her to see what is going on and Papa McCall tells her his son is in there. The lady responds “both your sons are in there, you can debrief each other.”

Mr. Yukimua the only adult that really knows everything about the teenagers in the building brings them all together to see what they can do. They come to the conclusion that they need to get into the Hale vault to protect the people around them, both Malia and Kira is starting to show symptoms, Kira effecting her not physically but neurologically , also Stiles is showing symptoms but aren’t as bad because he is human.

They go to find the entrance to the vault but when they do Stiles and Scott realises that only someone with the blood of a Hale can open the vault, of course Malia is the child of a Hale but she doesn’t know that and Scott and Stiles have been keeping that piece of information from her. Scott pretends that he can’t open the vault because he can’t control his claws so he asks Malia to open it. Malia opens it on one condition if they tell her how much she is worth on the dead pool hit list, upon finding out that she is worth $4M she is relieved because Scott is worth $25M and Kira is worth $6M so the assassins will come after her last. (Ah Malia being brought up by yourself in the woods in coyote form would do that to you!)

Jumping back to the hospital again Melissa is trying to help out Satomi’s wolf but she is too late and he dies before she can do anything, however they do find out by gruesomely cutting his head open that the wolves will die with an antidote. Lydia finally makes an appearance outside the school with Sheriff and Papa McCall worrying about her mother in the school.

The group in the vault realise that the rest of the school is looking for them so they must send out Stiles when leaving the group he gives Malia his jacket and kisses her on her forehead.

Melissa, Deaton and Satomi find Derek and bring him down to the dead wolf and the information Deaton now knows about the virus. A few years ago in Yellowstone there was an outbreak that killed 40% for the wolf population. But what Deaton does understand is that the virus affected everyone in Satomi’s wolf pack besides her. With small talk to Derek they realise that Satomi takes a tea that is also powerful remedy for sickness and that is the reason that she didn’t get sick. Derek remembers that his mother kept some of the tea and it’s in his vault.

Back at the vault with Malia, Scott and Kira they start to become blind, which is the final symptom of the virus which only gives them a couple of minutes to live. Fighting against time Stiles is trying to find out why Coach was the only adult affected with all the students he realises that the virus was in the ink that the students used to print their fingerprint and Coach also came in contact with it. This is when the Chemist creeps up behind Stiles and wants to know where his friends are. All the students and Coach start to feel better, while Malia, Kira and Scott are getting worst.

The Chemist tries to get Stiles to tell her were the rest of them are but Stiles stand his ground and tells the Chemist to kill him. Luckily papa McCall is there is shoot the Chemist between the eyes before he can pull the trigger. He tells Stiles that he got a call from Melissa saying that there is an anecdote and it is in the Hale vault in a jar.

Stiles runs to the entry of the vault but can’t open the door so he tries to yell at Scott about the antidote. Stiles begins to lose hope that no one can hear him, but Kira manages to hear Stiles and tells Scott which he grabs the jar and smashes in on the floor which spreads the antidote heals them.

While they start to regain their vision and senses Scott opens the vault and Malia grabs a paper from Stiles jacket pocket and her vision is back to normal and she reads the paper which is the dead pool list, and next to her name is sees that her last name is Hale and realises what Stiles and Scott has been keeping from her.

Again Teen Wolf always keeps us hooked until the very end of the episode. Now that Malia knows that she is a Hale will she side with the homicidal killer Peter, her father or do you think she will give Stiles a chance to tell him explain why he keep that from her. From these first seven episodes of Teen Wolf we see so many assassins coming out of the nowhere to try and kill them, so who is next to try and kill our supernatural teenagers?

What did you guys think about this weeks episode of Teen Wolf? You can watch the promo below for next weeks episode "Time of Death" if you haven't already watch it or you can watch it again. :D