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Stalker - Pilot - Advance Preview

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I don’t usually keep up with all the pilot news until the networks actually announce what they are picking up. However, on one occasion, I did glance at some of them and Stalker was the only one that caught my eye. I expected quite a bit from the pilot, and it certainly delivered.

The show does what it says on the tin. It’s about stalkers. Maggie Q plays Lieutenant Beth Davis, who is in charge of a very small unit called TAU (Threat Assessment Unit). Dylan McDermott plays Jack Larsson, a cop from New York who decided to move to Los Angeles and join the unit. The only other character of note is Perry (who has recently been made a recurring character), but I’ll come onto him later.

Maggie Q is a little stale, though I think for the character plot, it works well. There is one scene towards the end that I really enjoyed that really refined her character, though there is some good development throughout. There’s definitely a lot to explore about Beth’s character, particularly why she joined the unit and what happened in her past.

McDermott however, shines way above his co-star. He plays the character fantastically, and Jack’s development is far better than that of Beth. There’s a lot of ambiguity to both characters, but Jack’s is far more interesting to watch than Beth’s.

Erik Stocklin plays Perry, a sophomore in college who isn’t exactly on the best of terms with his roommate. To say much more would be a spoiler, but what I will say is that his story is engaging and I am definitely looking forward to seeing it develop more.

There were so many things going on in this episode – don’t look away for even one second (I made this mistake and ended up having to rewind). I enjoyed every minute of the pilot, and I can’t wait to see more. Want to see a promo? Look below, and make sure to check out Stalker, Wednesday October 1st at 10pm on CBS.

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