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Rookie Blue - Everlasting - Review: Finale

Welcome to the last Rookie Blue review of the year, season 5 finale, "Everlasting". More like everlasting uncertainty with a hint of confusion? Nevertheless, let’s get on with it.

Is Andy a part of the Avengers? Apparently she’s invincible because she got out of the explosion unscathed, except for some debris on her. Even her uniform’s still in one piece. I know she’s the lead character on the show and they probably won’t kill her off, but come on? Not even a scratch? Anyway, Sam ran into the wreckage to look for Andy. They shared a touching moment after Sam found Andy still alive. I’ll admit I felt a little emotional and as frantic as Sam looked during that scene. I got smoke in my eye too, Sam.

McNally is Wonder Woman.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the happiest and steadiest we’ve seen of Sam and Andy together in a finale. After five seasons I think the fans deserve it. Can’t wait to see what Marlo will be stirring up for next season though. I don’t think she’s pregnant, I think there’s something else, a bigger mystery to it because a pregnant ex is downright soap opera-ish. For now, let’s all be grateful no one died or got shot at during the finale.

What am I watching, a soap opera?

I’ve been invested in this storyline for Gail since the last season. I was convinced that Holly is what Gail’s been missing and searching for, and the writers gave us a very promising beginning of what could have been a beautiful relationship. So, I was under the impression that with a steady relationship this time, Gail’s main focus for this season would be on her career. But no, the writers decided to pull a Calzona on us with all the kid drama. Except Holly’s not going to Africa and there is no baby growing inside Gail, jumping straight into preadolescence and puberty. If the writers still have any shred of sanity left in them, please please please, do not let the adoption go through. I had high hopes for Gail’s character arc this season but I was left disappointed. If season 6 happens to be the last season as I predict it will be, I want Holly to come back and be with Gail for good. Well for now, it was fun while it lasted.

When Sergeant Shaw straps on his vest you know shit is getting real. With multiple bombs and the suspect on the loose, Oliver decided to join his fellow officers in the hunt for Ted McDonald. I miss Oliver on the streets!

Don't mess with Papa Shaw.

So here’s my theory:

With the bombing that happened four years ago, Ted McDonald did some digging into the police force and justice system and found out that the higher ups have been making deals with the Irish mob. To make the police notice their corrupted system, Ted set up bombs targeting the children of those responsible and then let himself get caught at his son’s grave. With all the evidence in his hard drive, he’s willing Sam to look into it. So either he’s really unhinged and vindictive and wanted to blow the station up or someone, probably involving Commissioner Santana, deliberately had someone put a bomb in the evidence room as a distraction and have Ted killed making it look like a suicide. Either way, Santana is bad news. And a giant douche.

This episode we learnt something very important: Nick’s full name. Nicholas Michael Collins ran into his love interest again and the third time Nick decided to track her down, because this is a TV show and a handsome man stalking you is charming and romantic. They made out until Juliet learnt that Nick is a police officer and got the hell outta there like her life depended on it. I’m sure we’ll see her again next season.

Who are you? A drug lord? Or are you in a mafia?

My thoughts on season 5. At first when we were granted with a big fat 22 episode season, I was over the moon because they have quite a big cast and having more episodes will definitely be an advantage to give every character proper screen time. But when I learnt that the network decided to cut it into half and call the other 11 episodes Season 6, not only will we be short of 4 episodes in 2 seasons, it means lesser screen time to do the characters justice. From my point of view, it looked like the writers and producers thought with a 22 episode season, they can have the luxury to take their time and stretch things out a little. Then the network cut it short while the season is airing, making it difficult to change and rewrite things. So, we’re granted a poorly written season. I think this is the most underwhelming season by far. A lot of things are unexplained, half-assed and rushed, it’s like Hurricane RB hit me and before I know it, it’s over and leaving me really confused. Not to mention all these changes made it look like the show is ending after the next season. If that’s the case I wouldn’t be surprised.

For instance, Chris and Traci’s storyline. The only take away for me for Traci this season is that she looks great in bangs. No development in Leo’s custody, not even a hint of reconciliation with Steve, barely any proper development screen time like some of the characters. And what’s with ETF Bailey? Am I sensing something there? Maybe I’m just being paranoid? No more love triangles on the show, please!

I feel bad for Chris. He’s barely in this season and it’s like he appeared in the finale just for the sake of it. What happened with the drugs storyline? Are we done with that? Or will it be dragged into the next season?

And then we have Duncan, who probably had more screen time than some of the series regulars. I would’ve enjoyed it if the character is less of a prick. Even with this season coming to an end, I still haven’t seen much redeeming qualities about him. Try harder next season.

Dov and Chloe needs to fix this. Nobody’s nerd-fect, at least Chloe fessed up about the kiss and didn’t cheat on Dov! They need to sit down and have a talk because I don’t believe they’re over over. The nerd kingdom needs they’re king and queen!

It seemed like Sam and Andy is the only couple to survive Hurricane RB and I think Mcswarek fans should cheers to that. They’ve come a long way.

Let’s end this on a high note, shall we? It’s been a pleasure to write reviews for one of my favourite shows, I read and value every comment from you guys and hopefully I’ll be back for season 6 next year. Tell me how you feel about the finale and season 5 in general, I would love to hear what you guys think!

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