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Quote of the Week - Week of August 3

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

Chasing Life -

1. April to Leo: "If you’re not gonna have the operation, then this is it. Because I’m about to fight for my life and I can’t be around someone who has a chance to do that and won’t even try." (Samy Bgs)

Defiance -

1. Datak: "They came to you? And not me. That's... disrespectful." Stahma: "Put your vanity aside." (Sharon Seymour)

Falling Skies -

1. Tector to the skitter: "Tick Tick Boom" ~Tector says to the skitter as he blows himself and the skitter up. The reason i liked this line so much was it was fitting way to go for such a strong fighter. He was a solider and they are trained to kill their enemies and he did that right to the very end. (Robert Fruin)

The Leftovers -

1. Nora: "I want you to shoot me." (Michael Pantoustier)

2. Nora: "What's next? What's fucking next? Nothing is next! Nothing!" (Michael Pantoustier)

3. Nora to Kevin: "Oh, F*@$ your daughter". ~It was a great scene and really funny. (Geo N)

Masters of Sex -

1. Virginia: "Honestly, Lillian, I’m not that interesting." (Michael Pantoustier)

Partners - both episodes that aired last week

1. Allen: "Tell me, are you secure enough financially to retire comfortably?" Marcus: "If I die Tuesday." (Tonya Papanikolas)

2. Allen: "My math is never as quick or exact as when I run into an old girlfriend with a kid." (Tonya Papanikolas)

3. Allen: "I say you're here, you're queer, let's sue." Marcus: "Thank you Harvey Sour Milk." Client: "Do you think they can win?" Allen: "Win? I once prosecuted a school crossing guard for human trafficking. Of course we can win." (Tonya Papanikolas)

4. Allen: "Marcus loves cake. It's why I call him Little Debbie." (Tonya Papanikolas)

The Strain -

1. Setrakian before decapitating Arnot: "Sabia mea fredoneaza de argint" ~translates to "My sword sings of silver" (Geo N)
~Even though I had zero clue to what he was actually saying it just sounded so kick arse. (Robert Fruin)

2. Ann: "I don't have the heart for it. You're right about that" ~when the neighbor wants Ann to shut the dog up (he doesn't know the dog is dead and its the husband turned creature making the noise) she pushes him into the shed when he goes to teach the "dog" a lesson and the husband/ creature kills him. It amazes me how she could do that to someone and still stick by her husband even knowing he has turned instead of letting the telling the man to go away and then calling help. She didn't need to basically kill the man. (Robert Fruin)

3. Setrakian: "I'm closed for the day." Gus: "It's still morning." Setrakian: "Thank you for that profound observation." (Tonya Papanikolas)

4. Jim: "Do I even want to know?" Eph: "Uh, reptiles, birds, other lower animals - their urine and feces are all expelled through the same opening." Jim: "Oh, that's adorable!" ~This one was gross, but Jim's response made me laugh. (Tonya Papanikolas)

5. Eph: "His genitals are... gone." (Sharon Seymour)

Switched at Birth -

1. Regina: "You know, I slept with Angelo the first day I met him -- but then again, who didn't?" (Sharon Seymour)

Teen Wolf -

1. Malia: "How much am I worth?" Scott: "$4 million." Stiles: "Are you okay?" Malia: "Yeah, Scott's worth 25. Kira's 6. They'll take you guys out way before me." Stiles: "It's progress. It's progress." ~Malia continues to make me laugh with her inappropriate comments. She's the best new addition in 2 seasons to the show. (Dahne)

2. Malia: "You're coming back right." Stiles: "Yeah, I'd never leave you behind." ~Shockingly as an anti-shipper, I really liked this scene and this quote in particular. It was great continuity since Malia said this to Stiles in the pilot. I love when wrtiers know what has happened in previous episodes. It rarely feels like they even bother to check anymore. (Dahne) I also added three more because this is the only current episode of TV I watched this week and the summer columns often need some padding.

3. Scott: "You're doing this because why we're trying not to die, we still need to live. Okay if I survive high school, I'd like to go to college…a good college." ~The life of supernatural crime fighters and their friends are never easy. I respect Scott for his leadership skills here and giving them all some perspective. (Dahne)

4. Satomi: "I may have learned to control my anger, but I still know when to use it." ~I was worried when they brought Satomi back because she was in my least favorite episode of the last season. I was surprsied how much I loved her. This is the line she says right after doing some supercool Matrix-style bullet dodging before killing the assassin. She rocks. (Dahne)

5. Lydia: "I don't know if you can hear me or what I'm supposed to ask you, but if I have this thing it's got to work some of the time. It's got to help someone." ~Lydia broke my heart in this scene. As a genius, she rarely has problems finding answers but now that lives are on the line, she cannot control her new banshee status to figure out how to help. She's getting increasingly frantic and now that the only other banshee she knows is dead, her stress level is even higher. You can feel the frustration seeping through every word she says. (Dahne)

Unforgettable -

1. Carrie to Al: "There's no me without you. We're a team." (Tonya Papanikolas)

2. Carrie: "You know what I think? I think we should go to Christoph's. You deserve raw Moroccan chicken - and food poisoning!" (Tonya Papanikolas)

You're the Worst -

1. Gretchen: "I didn't have a chance to tidy up. Cute, huh? I'm not much of a cleaner." Jimmy: "You're not much of a human..." ~Jimmy discovers Gretchen's apartment for the first time (Adil Daoumer)

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