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Pretty Little Liars-Taking This One To This Grave Review:" Sleeping Beauty"

We've made it Liars. Last night was the fatal finale and we lost another member of the Rosewood community, as well as witnessed a Liar get slapped with the least fashionable accessory of them all: handcuffs.

The episode opened with the Liars in front of a house crying and talking about how much blood there was in the house. We then flashback to 36 hours earlier, leading up to the unknown character's murder.

Ali is taking a lie detector test with Detective Beauty Mark we get confirmation that she was the one who decided to go to the cops. We don't see the entire test then ,but we will...

The girls visit Mona at her house and fill her in on what's been going on. They tell her their idea that the 5 of them team up against Ali and when Mona asks them why her, they give her the only acceptable answer: Because she's Mona.

Mona's mom decides that since this is Hanna's only visit to their house in the past 5 seasons, she should use the opportunity to ask Hanna how Mona's handling school and Ali's return. Hanna's honest and tells her that they're all afraid of Alison. Mona then calls in a "Code A" to someone on her phone tells them that "she's planning something big."

It turns out, Mona called our old pal Lucas, who is apparently her last soldier standing, as Alison has successfully turned all of Mona's army against her and branded her with a new nickname: Crazy Mona.

The girls and Mona meet up later in the bathroom at school (aka the LEAST secure place to plan dastardly deeds) and Mona informs them all that Alison is a sociopath and chose them to be her friends for individual reasons, but also because altogether they're easy to control.She also tells them that Ali is trying to set them up and that if they're going to work together no one can know...not even their "bed-buddies" as Mona so eloquently put it. These random creepy twins walk in as they're talking and it's time to wrap the convo up and gtfo.

Some time between Paige's neglect and date last week and this week's episode, she decided to not make Emily work for it anymore and proceeded to make out with her immediately in the school hallway.

We also saw that Ali was hanging with some new chicks who looked like Wal-Mart liars, and she and Mona had the most awkward bitch-stare off that I've ever seen.

There were a lot of couple-y filler scenes for the 'shippers, including Toby making his debut in uniform (sex-ay!), Paily and Haleb decorating for Christmas and Ezria making Thanksgiving plans, and while all that was happening, Mona was just hacking away.

It turns out she got hold of Ali's polygraph video and as the 5 girls watched it together, they realized that sure Ali didn't lie, but the questions were all slanted in a way that made Spencer appear to be the one the cops were turning their attention toward.

Cue Caleb (who Mona knew Hanna would tell everything to, so she called him to help) and his hacking skills. He ends up cracking open an affidavit that confirms their fears. They think Spencer killed Bethany while she was hopped up on prescription pills to appease Alison so Ali would keep her druggie secret. Which really sounds like a stretch to me, but this is Rosewood...they've had so few leads on murder cases they're clearly just taking the closest thing to one they've got and running with it.

After the realization that it's Spencer that's under fire and not all of them, the girls convince her that before she makes any rash decisions, she should find out what the cops know. The Liars, Caleb and Mona come up with a plan to send Spencer and Mona back to Radley..only this time as nurses.

I absolutely loved seeing everyone working together. I mean, even Aria was in on the plans this time and she's usually off galavanting around town with Ezra! Haleb kept watch while Spencer and Mona went back to the crazy house. Aria created a distraction inside to allow the girls time to get up to the records room and grab some of Bethany's old files.

Detective Beauty Mark randomly showed up at Radley and began questioning Aria about when she started volunteering, but luckily Mona and Spencer were able to get what they needed and get out of there before things got too intense. It turns out Mrs. D was having an affair with Bethany's father! Does this mean Bethany was Mrs. D's secret kid? Could that be why she visited her so often in Radley and wanted her to call her Aunt Jessi (as in no-one-can-know-I'm-your-mommy-so-call-me-Aunt Jessi?) Who knows. One thing is for sure though. I bet Mrs. D owned one of these:

Emily's part in the plan was keeping Ali distracted while everyone else was in on Operation Radley and I can't help but feel bad that Em's the one continuously voted to deal with the psycho. Ali ends up catching on, however, and goes through Em's phone in front of her. Emily asks Ali if she's A and although she gave a good show of being disappointed, she never said no to the question.

Paige ends up catching Ali storm out of Em's and get in the car with The Shining twins from earlier and takes the opportunity to follow her.

The group meets up at The Brew and we find out Toby's leg is just fine from the car accident that was totally uncalled for. We also find out that Ali has built her own army out of Mona's army and the liars, their significant others and Lucas are the only one's left standing against her. The meeting is interrupted, however, when Spencer is arrested for the death of Bethany Young. Rosewood PD...they don't make arrests in cases, but you can bet that when they do it'll be the wrong person.

Mona calls Aria to let her know that she's figured out Ali's possible connection to Bethany. Alison knew about the affair and was jealous, so she lured Bethany to Rosewood to set her up to be killed. Mona can finally prove Alison is A.

As she's on the phone, however, we see someone in a black hoodie with long blonde hair entering her house and watching her. The figure approaches Mona, who screams, and we find ourselves back at the scene from the beginning of the show. Mona has been murdered.

The Liars discover the bloody scene but no body Ali stands by watching the tragedy unfold with a smug look. We find out the reason why Mona's body was missing. Whoever murdered her, is keeping it in their trunk. RIP Mona.

So what did you think of the #fAtalFinale!? Although she'll still be around in flashbacks, are you sad to see Mona go?

Let's have our last pretty little chat below!