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Pretty Little Liars: Scream for Me Review- "Rosewood: Land of the Creepers"

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Hey Pretty Little Liars fans! Apologies for the late update this week...I've been busy churning out Comic-Con 2014 coverage and my brain needed a moment to regroup, especially when paired with last week's hot mess of an episode. Prepare to refresh your minds for tonight's new episode and let's jump right into the recap!

In this week's opener, Detective Get Shit Done was badgering questioning Ali about Shana and it's clear to see that she thinks Alison knows more than what she's letting on. Ali basically responds by telling the Detective that she thinks whoever botched her murder, got her mom's murder correctly.

Ali meets up with the girls in school shortly after and tells them that the detective is miiigghty suspicious of them and what's Aria's response? She wants to immediately call Ezra of course!

Back to the important matters at hand...the girls talk, Alison digs through her bag for her sheet music and they notice that someone's circled all the A's on Ali's sheet music. They've also left a thoughtful little note at the bottom, "Glad to hear you singing, last time you were all choked up."
-A never runs low on ways to be creative, let me tell ya.

In the hallway, Spencer scolds Hanna for having beer cans falling out of her locker all willy nilly and encourages her to go apologize to Aria because her last attempt was pretty half-assed, but unfortunately Hanna's a full-on honeybadger this week and just walks away:

Aria completely disregarded her friends (as usual) and called Ezra anyway. As she finishes talking to him, we see that Ella's back and asks Aria to be her maid of honor and help her with the upcoming engagement party, an offer which Aria accepts.

Meanwhile, Sydney is trying to peer pressure Emily into taking an Assistant Coach position on the swim team for some unknown reason.

Hanna heads out to the courtyard to meet Caleb for lunch, but he got too drunk and overslept, which happens to the best of us, but maybe not in high school. Ali comes over shortly after and asks Hanna if she can crash at her place since her dad will be out of town, and Hanna tries to gently tell her no, but you know in her head she's like

Back at Casa de Hastings, Spencer and Toby are theorizing over the information they've uncovered and talk about The possibility of Bethany seeing or killing Marion Cavanaugh and Jessica helping cover for it. Then, out of FREAKING NOWHERE Toby tells Spencer that he's enrolled in police academy so that he can get info from the inside, and because he also realizes that Rosewood has the least efficient police force in the land. Spencer freaks on him, naturally, but he basically tells her

Aria made her way back to Radley only to find out that Eddie Lamb packed up and GTFO'd.( I personally hope he's not dead and just got the hell out of Rosewood when he realized what happens to all the black people, but there IS a funeral happening this season, so we'll see.) In an attempt to find out more about Bethany, she headed to Big Rhonda's room to take her chances with getting stuck under a bed again...until Rhonda walks in and finds her.

Meanwhile at the Marin house, Ali circumvented Hanna and went straight for Mama Marin's permission to stay with them and with the sad kidnapping tale that she's weaving, how could Ashley say no? Hanna gets a little jealous that Ashley volunteered some super fancy bath salts to Alison and you can see she's already over the Ali's stay with them and it hasn't started yet.

It turns out all Big Rhonda wanted from Aria was cheetos and soda, and just like that Rhonda sang like a canary. Aria found out that a lady with a big beige purse would check Bethany out and bring her gifts. The same lady also took Bethany to a stable and let her adopt a horse! Who could this mystery lady be?

Hanna and Caleb are getting high school wasted in her car and she decides to grab food from the Brew. She runs into Zack who notes he can smell the alcohol on her breath, makes her a tuna melt AND PROCEEDS TO GENTLY CARESS THE SMALL OF HER BACK!!!!

So we know have definitive proof that every single grown-ass man in Rosewood is a seedy perv! The come-on clearly bothered Hanna (she's a teen drunk, not a floozy!) and she dips as quickly as possible.

Sydney continues to badger Emily about taking the coaching position and in her motormouth quest accidentally lets slip that she knows the girls were in NY, and Em quickly caught it and covered for the girls. Is anyone else annoyed by this Sydney character? What's your motivation girl?!

Hanna decides to tell her Emily and Spencer what happened with Zack to get their input on how she should handle letting Aria know. Spencer thinks Hanna needs more solid proof before she takes her concerns to Aria, which she DEFINITELY gets, but more on that later...

Emily and Spencer go find the stable where Rhonda told Aria the strange lady took Bethany. Aside from Em looking constipated the entire visit, the girls found out that the lady who brought Bethany to the stables asked Bethany to call her "Aunt Jessie"...Alison's mother's name. (Theory time! Is Bethany actually Jessica DiLaurentis' secret niece or was that Jessica trying to cover and Bethany's her secret child?) Spencer wants to look around for more answers after they get more facts, and the girls end up finding Melissa's helmet.

Back in Rosewood, Hanna gets her hardcore proof in a more in your face way than she planned, when Zack sees her sitting in her car and invites himself in to hit on her again. He said that he wanted to be sure that she was picking up the vibes that he was putting down and felt up her leg a bit:

Then he gave her his number, which she immediately tore up and I screamed at her aloud because that totally could have been her proof to show everyone.

Elsewhere in Rosewood, Ali and Ms. Marin are having some girl time and the lights cut out. Shortly after, Ali and Ms. Marin are attacked by a hooded figure in the house. The intruder drops their weapon during the struggle and Ashley called the police, who send over Detective Get Shit Done. It's painfully clear by now that this Detective doesn't trust a thing that comes from Ali's mouth (and rightfully so), but Mama Marin doesn't stand for Ali being questioned like a criminal.

Hanna made her way over to Aria's to tell her what happened and Aria responded like the terrible friend we all know she is. She accuses Hanna of making a move on Zack and kicks her out of her house. Can we PLEASE lose Aria from the friend table yet?

Back at the stables, -A locked Spencer and Emily in the stable with Cujo the Horse but they somehow manage to get out just in time. When she gets home, Toby tells her how he's tired of feeling powerless and Spencer tells him she understands why he needs to join the force now.

The girls meet up later in the evening and discuss the stable and Marin house attacks. Ali comments that this -A is more dangerous than any previous -A and admits to the girls that she think's it could be Noel Kahn. She also confesses that she had him break into Ms. Marin's house to get her to buy Ali's story, which...what in the hell girl!?

Last week's -A scene showed -A in Spencer's house with Melissa's helmet, as he/she makes their way to a secret compartment with who know's what inside.

Check back tomorrow for my review for tonight's episode...I promise I won't leave you hanging again!

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