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MOVIES: Vampire Academy: Frostbite - Crowdfunding begins

The producers behind the February 2014 flop (it only grossed about $15 million and had a $30 million budget) is determined to bring the second book in Richelle Mead’s hugely popular book series, Frostbite, to the big screen. They’ve managed to secure funding for a second film — budgeted between $8 to $12 million — but with one big caveat: They need the fans to prove they want to see it. And so, they launched an Indiegogo campaign on Wednesday asking Academy readers to put their money where their fandom is to the tune of at least $1.5 million. Should that goal be met, we’ll see the sequel; if it’s not, those who contributed to the campaign will be refunded.

"The books have sold so many copies that one begs to ask the question: If 8 million fans want to watch one of their favorite books be made into a movie, should it be made? And my opinion is yes, it should," producer Deepak Nayar tells Yahoo Movies. "33,000 people wrote to us in support of wanting to make this movie, and that requires an effort. Anybody in today’s world who’s simply making the effort to say, ‘Look, I want to see it’ — you have to listen to [them]."