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Married - The Playdate - Review : "Trophy Wife Reunion"

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Please note: English is not my first language.

The weeks pass and Married continues to change and to please me. This episode was similar to "The Getaway," but still very original. It was great to see Michaela Watkins back on TV! I miss Trophy Wife, not as much as I miss Happy Endings, but still, what a loss!

The opening scene is original, and genuinely funny. The show uses classic sitcom situations to turn them into something original, unexpected, funny, realistic and sometimes absurd. Russ explains that he's a sexual person, that Lina told him he could have sex with someone else if he wanted to. Lina rolled her eyes and said, "She doesn't want to hear this." We have a plan on the woman in front of them. Russ continues. And then, the woman says that it's very interesting, but if they're here, it's to talk about their daughter. Indeed, we are not at the psychologist's office, or at couples therapy session, but at a parent-teacher conference. At this meeting, they learn that their daughter is very lonely. Russ and Lina have some responsibility on this matter, they're not interacting with the other parents. They want to change that and this is how they met their mother... uh... Stacey played by Michaela Watkins. At first sight, she looks like a cold person. We later learn that she has a grudge against Lina who had already stood her up once. This playdate is why they are not going to brunch with Jess, AJ and Shep. So we end up with the classic plot A and plot B. Unfortunately, the two plots don't marry well, or at least not in the way we were used to see in Happy Endings for example, but the episode works just fine without this.

Lina and Russ show up to the playdate, which is a surprise for Stacey. She thought they "were the kind of people who don't show up for stuff." She invites them to stay at her home. We also met Stacey's husband, played Patrick Fischler. Just like Russ and Lina, they are a dysfunctional couple. While their daughter is having fun, Lina is going to spend some time with Stacey. Russ and Russ tries to make friends with Stacey's husband. They don't get along, so Russ stays with Stacey's son, who's addicted to online porn.

Stacey reveals herself not as cold and cruel as we might have thought. She has feelings and is a sensitive person. She also noticed the loneliness of Maya. She knows what it is to be rejected by others, and that's what her neighbors, who are on holiday in Australia, do. Today, Stacey is getting revenge and having fun. She and Lina break into the neighbor's house, open a bottle of expensive wine and drink in their sauna.

On the other side of the city, Shep and Jess are at AJ, and Shep really wants to go to brunch, but they have a problem. Indeed, yesterday, AJ slept with a 19 year old girl and since then, she refuses to leave AJ's bathroom. She is angry against him. I loved the awareness of AJ. It's been five episodes and the series gives us very little piece of information about its characters, which is very smart. Here, we know a little more about AJ, his lifestyle and his problems - and it was great. He asks like a teenage, but who doesn't on the show?

Note : 6/10 - The show continues to develop its characters. Nothing on this show seems forced or unrealistic, they all have real life problems and concerns.

Now, it's your turn! What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments!

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