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Gracepoint - 1.01 & 1.02 - Advanced Preview

Gracepoint is phenomenal.

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If you have watched Broadchurch you may be hesitant to watch Gracepoint as a lot of people are saying it's just an American version of that. You are not alone I too was unsure about the show until I watched the first two episodes. The characters seem much more likable than Broadchurch's and the different camera techniques used throughout made it look spectacular in particular the view of the ocean. The first two episodes do pan out the same way as what Broadchurch did , however the rest of the episodes of Gracepoint will take a different route to what Broadchurch did. The writers felt that the first two episodes of Broadchurch were a good enough starting point for Gracepoint , which I would have to agree with. David Tennant has assured us that we will have a different ending to what Broadchurch had. "I don't quite know where it's all going. The ending is going to be different. So long as it doesn't turn out that I did it ..." Says Tennant.
With that in mind it makes it a completely different show as you are right back at the beginning again wondering who is responsible and what exactly happened.

The story is set in a small town called Gracepoint where a young boy has been killed. It's sports day and all of the children are there except for one who nobody know's where he is.Beth Solano A.K.A Danny's mother (Virginia Kullis) is panicking she doesn't know what to do she rings everybody and anybody, but nobody has seen him. She searches drastically for him until she get's caught up in traffic leading to the Gracepoint beach. A body has been discovered.
Detective Miller played by Anna Gunn , was expecting a promotion once she returned from vacation only to find that they gave her job to someone else; Emmet Carver played by David Tennant.
They don't know each other and instantly get put together to figure this mystery out. The cast is immensely likable and episodes 1 and 2 promises us that the following episodes will be well pieced together.
Throughout the episodes many potential suspects begin to come to light , many people don't have alibis the night Danny was killed. Evidence is missing and everyone is watching everyone. The flashback in the episode shows key events that brings a new suspect into the mix , everyone is a suspect in this small town. Every single character looked suspicious and you don't know what you're going to find out next , or what is going to happen. It was intense. There are many twists and turns , many surprising discoveries that will leave you wishing you knew the truth.

David Tennant is outstanding and his American accent is exceptional , he is supported as well by a talented cast I cannot fault any of the performances they were all excellent and fitted their parts nicely. The episodes were phenomenal , they had mystery , drama and a thickening plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I urge you to watch this show when it premieres October 2nd 2014 at 9pm on FOX. This is a show not to be missed! 9/10
Check back October 3rd for a full review of the premiere!(with spoilers)

Have you seen Broadchurch? Will you be watching Gracepoint? What did you think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments!

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