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Emmy POLL: Who will win Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series?

Welcome to the fourth daily poll for the main Emmy categories of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. As SpoilerTV readers, it is your job to predict who will win the Emmy for today's category.

Please note that the question of the poll is who WILL win the Emmy, not who SHOULD win. Try to look objectively at the nominees and consider who has the best chance of winning the Emmy. Tell us what you voted for in the comments, and feel free to also tell who you think should win the Emmy. And if you're still pissed about that Emmy snub, share your frustration below as well (but please remain polite).

Today's category is Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. While it would be logical to first have the lead and supporting acting categories, the winners of the guest acting Emmys will be honored in an earlier ceremony on August 16 (instead of August 25). Therefore, the polls should be published before that date.

The nominees are Steve Buscemi, Dylan Baker, Beau Bridges, Reg E. Cathey, Paul Giamatti, Robert Morse and Joe Morton. Vote in the poll below, share your vote in the comments and come back tomorrow for the category Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.