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Westworld - James Marsden and Evan Rachel Woods offered Lead Roles

We’ve learned that Sir Anthony Hopkins has been offered the role of Dr. Ford, the man who runs this new version of Westworld.

Dr. Ford is the uncompromising creator of the park and conductor of the creations inside it, and he views the robots as utterly inhuman, little more than livestock. In the wider context of the show, he’s looking like a complex kind of ‘big bad’.

But before we get too carried away with one of the greatest actors of his generation taking a recurring role on a TV show, I should say that Dr. Ford is certainly not the show’s main character. A pair of robots from the park seem to be the two principle leads, and those roles have been offered to James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood.

Wood, would play a character named Dolores Abernathy, while Marsden has been offered the excellently named role of Teddy Flood. They’d be our heroes and our way into Westworld, at least in the early episodes. Just by virtue of one of these characters being female you can tell how much of a departure this is from the original film.

Dolores is created to be a sassy farm girl; the beautiful girl next door type who has no idea that the life she’s living is a lie. She’s essentially a slave to the guests of the park but has no idea – although this probably won’t remain the case over the course of the series, should there be a full series order.

Flood, meanwhile, would be your classic Western hero. He’s all about adventure and romance; his two pursuits in life are the open plains and, as I’m sure you guessed, the lovely Dolores Abernathy. I’m excited about this particular piece of casting; Marsden has the kind of classic good looks, wit and acting chops to be all kinds of fun in a role like this.

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