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The Strain - Night Zero - Advance Preview

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One of the most anticipated new series this year is The Strain on FX. At least for me it is, but based on the buzz I hear and see all over the web The Strain is a show many people can't wait to see. They don't have much longer to wait either. The first episode, Night Zero, airs this Sunday on FX and having seen it already I can tell you it is well worth the wait.

The Strain is based on the trilogy of books, of the same name, by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan who also executive produce the series. I have read the books and they are an excellent, especially for anyone who is into the horror genre. Also executive producing and showrunner is Carlton Cuse, whom you will remember from LOST as well as Bates Motel. With these three at the helm you can be sure it will be a great series.

The Strain's cast of characters is noteworthy. Corey Stoll plays Ephraim Goodweather, a CDC epidemiologist who heads the investigation into a plane that loses all power and communication due to a viral outbreak with ties to vampirism. David Bradley plays Abraham Setrakian, a pawn shop owner who may have answers that Ephraim needs to solve his case. Game of Thrones fans will remember Bradley as Walder Frey, the lord of the Twins in Westeros. Kevin Durand plays Vasily Fet, a rat exterminator who joins Abraham and ephraim in the coming struggle.

The pilot plays out like a movie and if the rest of the first season is anything like it will quickly become everyone's favorite series. The thing I loved most was the 'creature creation'. They are so creepy and lifelike that I re-watched scenes a few times because of how amazing they looked. These are not your typical romanticized vampires that you are accustomed to viewing on the big screen. This is not True Blood (although I love that show) with their good-looking, glamouring vamps and it is definitely not Dracula stalking the young, beautiful women of the Victorian Society London in the early 1900's (I loved that show too). The vampires of The Strain are blood-thirsty monsters that you have seen before on TV. They have evolved tongues that can stretch up to six feet in length and claws instead of fingers. They have certain features that some of you will relate to the vampire lore you know of, but Del Toro and Hogan have created them in such a way that the vampires in The Strain feel like a completely new monster and villain. They follow a hierarchy that will be explained in episodes, or possibly seasons, to come. I am positive we will see The Master, one of the head vampires that all the infected follow and listen to, in season one and possibly very early on. Fans of horror series will really enjoy The Strain and everything that went into making the show. The creators went all out with the pilot and I believe they have a hit on their hands.

I don't want to give too much away. I will answer any questions you have in the comments below and especially in my Review after the episode airs on Sunday. Please comment below and I would love to discuss the show more with you. Have a great Sunday everyone and enjoy The Strain, Night Zero!

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