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The Flash - City of Heroes - Advance Preview

"My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive. A friend recently gave me the idea for a new name...and something tells me, it's gonna catch on."

"The Flash" is an upcoming superhero drama debuting on The CW. A spin-off from another CW show 'Arrow', it's definitely become my most anticipated to show of the upcoming season. After originally leaking online earlier this year, an extended version of the pilot with extra scenes is set to begin on October 7th.

What's the show about?
The series follows Barry Allen, a forensic assistant at the Central City Police Department. When Barry was 11, a tornado-like blur swept through his house and killed his mother Nora. His father was given a life sentence for Nora's death despite what Barry saw. Barry has since made it his life goal to find out the truth of what happened that day.

Years later, Barry is struck by a bolt of lightening caused by an exploding particle accelerator and put into a coma. Upon awakening, Barry discovers that he has superhuman speed and that he was not the only thing affected by the explosion.

Joined by a team of scientists Barry sets out to use his new gifts to protect Central City as he continues his search for the tornado-like blur.

So who is Barry Allen?
Barry Allen is a fictional DC character and the 2nd to take the identity of the 'Flash'. In the comics Barry has a reputation for being both slow and late. But after a lightening bolt shatters a case full of chemicals that spill all over him he discovers he can move extremely fast. Thus he dons the title of his favorite comic book hero (Jay Garrick, otherwise known as The Flash) and becomes Central Cities own crime fighter. A founding member of the Justice League, Barry Allen has influenced the DC Universe in many ways and is considered a core member of DC's lineup.

So what was good?
- The cast all fit in well together.
- The speed effect is done well (and doesn't look as cheesy as I was expecting).
- For a show about speed, a lot happened in 40 minutes. In fact to me it felt like a Flash origin movie rather then a 40 minute TV pilot.
- The pilot is actually funny. It pokes fun at Grant's casting (baby-faced, looks 12, ect), the funky costume and more.
- Many references to the Flash mythos are made. Ranging from locations to character names from all throughout the characters history. I really got the feeling that the production team had done their research and were not just going into this blindly.
- Seeds were planted for future plotlines that I can't wait to see explored.

What's the overall feel?
It's lighter then Arrow, giving the pilot a different vibe from other current (or upcoming) comic book shows. Rather then a more serious approach, The Flash feels more fun and enjoyable.

What can we expect from the remainder of the season?
Barry (and his team) dealing with any metahuman breakouts while also searching for the blur that killed Barry's mother.

Overall thoughts:
I went into this with high hopes and I was not disappointed. Overall I was impressed and it had everything I'd expect out of a comic book show. Here's to 10 more years of Barry Allen! 2024 here we come!

Don't forget that DC has begun their Flash digital tie-in comic, the first hard copy collection has also been released. Set in-between episodes 1 and 2, this will expand the world in different ways from the TV show. Find out more here.

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