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Scene Of The Week - July 27, 2014 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently on TV.

HALT AND CATCH FIRE, "The 214s", July 20, 2014, Actors: Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis, Lee Pace
The Scene: Gordon and Cameron tell Joe they're still going to Comdex
Tonya Papanikolas:
Up until now everyone on this team has been at odds with each other. They are all building the computer for their own individual reasons. But finally they come together. I loved that Gordon was the one to talk Joe into going to Comdex. Usually Joe is the one getting people fired up, but this time it was Gordon's turn to be the leader. We see that Gordon has abandoned his sensible ways and thrown caution to the wind. He knows how to get Joe riled up by calling him a coward and telling him he's not really a visionary. Then he gives a great speech about how all of them, as messed up and delinquent as they've become, are crazy, but in a good way. They have passion and they need their leader. It was a great moment for Gordon's character.

MASTERS OF SEX, "Kyrie Eleison", July 20, 2014, Actors: Michael Sheen and more
The Scene: Bill and Rose scene
Michael Pantoustier:
"It's like there's a dark thing inside of me starving and every time I think about a boy or a man I can't stop till I have it. It's like no matter what my brain says, this other part. It's like, it's like, it's against me. It just wants and when it wants everything else just ... goes away."

RECKLESS, "Blind Sides", July 20, 2014, Actors: Anna Wood, Cam Gigandet
The Scene: Jamie shows up to talk to Roy
Tonya Papanikolas:
Jamie shows up to tell Roy she trusts him and finds the reporter girl wearing only his shirt. Awkward! Looks like these two aren't ready for each other yet. But I am enjoying their chemistry and look forward to seeing more between them. I've liked this show a lot better than I expected to. Had no intention of watching it but now I look forward to it every week.

TEEN WOLF, "I.E.D.", July 21, 2014, Actors: Tyler Posey, Samantha Logan, The Scene: Scott takes down Violet
Justyna Kubica:
It was a great episode, with a lot of great scenes, but in the end, I decided to go with the moment when Violet attacks Scott, thinking that she's won and suddenly gets to see how powerful our Alpha Scott can really be. We don't often see his powers at play, so it's hard not to cheer for him when he finally gets to use them and protect himself. Go, Scott! Such a strong moment for our hero. And it's comforting to see that his powers work just fine and he's not so easy to kill, I have to say. There was a point he couldn't handle the fight with a beta. Though, I choose to believe, it had more to do with his best friend's struggles and a broken pack than anything else at that point. So, it was a nice change. As long as he knows not to cross the line to become a real monster and I believe he does. Also, even though the idea that a couple of teenagers, like Violet and Garrett, can be not only assassins, but also the assassins hunting the supernatural creatures still seems a little strange/insane/enigmatic to me, I'm actually really excited to learn what's their story. So, I can't wait till the next episode. Kudos!

THE BRIDGE, "Sorrowsworn", July 23, 2014, Actors: Thomas M. Wright, Stephanie Sigman and more, The Scenes: Steven Linder gives Eva the necklace he bought for her & Ray and Cesar get hijacked by the kids
Tonya Papanikolas:
Steven Linder gives Eva the necklace he bought for her - and then beats up the man that came for her. What a powerful scene. Steven is one of the best characters in the show. In this scene you could feel how much he cared for Eva. I loved the story he told her of how the necklace represented the tears (that turned to stone) of the Apache's mothers as they rode off a cliff. He wants to be Eva's confidante. She chooses to confide in him how hard it is for her to know that none of the men who hurt her will ever pay for what they did. And that changes Steven. We see a visible shift in him as the normally meek, mild, quiet character who earlier didn't want their captive hurt now hurries to the shed and beats the crap out of the man. He will do anything for Eva, even if it means getting a violent justice for her. He sees it as a way to help her. Thomas M. Wright was fantastic in this scene.
Sharon Seymour: Ray and Cesar get hijacked by the kids for the drugs that they hid in the horse.

THE FOSTERS, "Mother", July 21, 2014, Actors: Lorraine Toussaint, Sherri Saum
The Scene: Dana and Lena talk about being a parent
Michael Pantoustier:
Dana/Lena scene on what it takes to be a parent. "Love will always be a stronger bond than blood."

THE LAST SHIP, "El Toro", July 20, 2014, Actors: John Pyper-Ferguson, Rhona Mitra, The Scene: Tex tells Rachel she needs to forgive herself
Tonya Papanikolas:
I liked the dynamic of the funny guy giving great advice to the doctor. He was surprisingly perceptive to sense what she'd been struggling with and then give her a caring, appropriate, effective pep talk. He's been a dynamic character. The scene also taught us that Rachel still feels like an outsider on the ship and feels guilty for lying to everyone about the virus. Even with all she's done to help those on board, she struggles with that guilt. But Tex encourages her not to withdraw and give people a chance to forgive her, along with forgiving herself. Wise words from the comic relief.

THE LEFTOVERS, "B.J. and the A.C.", July 20, 2014, Actors: Amy Brenneman, Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler
The Scene: Laurie asks for a divorce
Michael Pantoustier:
Laurie/Meg/Kevin scene when Laurie asks for (SPOILER if you guys haven't seen it, yet) a divorce. Amy Brenneman is stunning in the role.

THE STRAIN, "The Box", July 20, 2014, Actors: Kevin Durand, Richard Sammel, David Bradley
The Scenes: Vasily Fet sees thousands of rats & Mr. Eichorst and Setrakian talk at the prison
Sharon Seymour:
Vasily Fet, played by Kevin Durand sees thousands of rats coming out of the sewer.
DarkUFO: Mr. Eichorst and Setrakian talk at the prison providing some detail on their long history.

TRUE BLOOD, "Lost Cause", July 20, 2014, Actors: Chris Bauer, Lauren Bowles
The Scene: Andy proposes to Holly
Diana Mack:
At the party, Andy proposes to Holly. It was a very sweet scene that proves that even a rough character like Andy has always been, can be sentimental at once.

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