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Pretty Little Liars:Miss Me x 100 Review- "The Episode Wherein It Gets Real"

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Last night, we celebrated the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars with the return of some noticeably absent and characters, the start of some relationships, and -A made his/her return with a BANG.

The episode opened with Hanna and Travis checking out some stars and talking about Alison's return to school. Hanna's worried that things will seem like they're going right back to how they were P.A.D. (Pre-Ali's Death). Travis reminds her that she doesn't have to go, but we all know she does so that we can get that killer-mean-girl-slow-mo entrance that we've been waiting 5 seasons to see.

That same night, Ezra and Aria are out walking on a not-date, and spot Alison talking to someone in a truck that pulls off as soon as they see it. Ali gives them some excuse about the truck dropping off school forms to her, but I honestly don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth at this point. As the girls are out, awkwardly standing around the guy they both used to date, they spot a bus that literally says "Special" and off steps none other than Jenna. Ali's jaw drops because even she realizes this means trouble.

The girls rally up and give Ali a pep talk about her decision to return to school, saying that they'll have her back no matter what she ends up doing. Ali seems more scared of Jenna finding out she's back, than she does returning to school from the dead.

The next day is the big day. Ali gives herself a pep talk and prepares to step back into her role as Queen Bee of Rosewood High, but is unsure of how people will receive her. Meanwhile, the other girls have beat her to school and wonder if she'll even make it. Ali does indeed make it and everyone stares as expected,with Lucas and Mona giving the side-eye of all side-eye

Once the 5 are all together, they made their way through the hallway as if nothing had changed, if only for that moment.

Shortly after, Veronica suddenly pulls Spencer out of school and tells her that she's leaving Mr. Hastings and taking Spencer with her. Spencer looks shocked, but Veronica won't go into much more detail at that moment.

Elsewhere, Lucas is chatting Hanna up about a fake  new girlfriend he has somewhere, before he invites her to a party. Hanna accepts the invitation but after she walks away Lucas makes a phone call to someone.

Back at Casa de Hastings, Spencer is demanding answers from her mom, who really just wants to get the hell on and away from Mr. Hastings. It turns out, Veronica never actually checked in to that spa that Mr. H. sent her to last week. Instead, she hired a PI to follow Mr. Hastings and found out that Peter and Melissa weren't where they said they would be the night of Mrs. D's death. Of course, she didn't say where they were, however, because that would make our lives way too easy.

Aria is talking to the girls back at school about how she wants to go visit Jenna as a way to clear her conscience, but everyone thinks it's a bad idea. Aria goes anyway but gets too freaked out to speak when she finds a curled up ball of Jenna on the floor crying over Shana.

Emily hosted an extremely uncomfortable intervention with Paige and Alison, that didn't accomplish much besides Paige telling Ali she was glad she was gone to her face and Alison apologizing.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Hanna have a chat at Hanna's about what's going on with Spencer's family and it seems like at this point she's more upset about her parents getting a divorce, than the possibility that her father murdered her best friend's mother (#HastingsPriorities).

Hanna runs into none other than Caleb (!) at The Brew. He's back from the cancelled town on Ravenswood and stops to chat with Hanna for a second...until he spots her 2 coffee cups, one labeled: Travis. As soon as Hanna turns back around, Caleb is gone. How does Hanna handle being ditched by her ex while grabbing coffee for her next? She goes to Lucas' party and pours it up of course!

Alison is (once again) walking the streets of Rosewood in the middle of the night like someone didn't try to actually murder her, and realizes that she's being followed. She runs to the nearest church and is confronted by none other than Mona. The two have a verbal catfight that turns physical when Mona slaps Ali after Alison threatens to have her end up in the same position she started from...nowhere. Alison slaps back but must have on brass knuckles or something because she cuts Mona's face.

Later that night, Ali tells the girls about the fight with Mona but lies about hitting Mona back, saying she just stood there and the girls believe her.

The shippers got some good action last night because Ezria, Spoby and Emison ALL HAPPENED! Ezra showed Aria his scar that looks more like a stab wound than an bullet wound, and Aria immediately made out with him (not weird at all), Spoby talked about the possibility of Spencer leaving, and Ali confessed her feelings for Emily (which I'm not entirely sure isn't just her manipulating Em) and then everybody had sex.

The next day at school, the girls were welcomed by Mona showing an edited video of the slap fight around, which made Ali look like she was the aggressor. Uh-oh. That's enough proof for most people that Ali hasn't changed and even her girls aren't sure what to make of the situation. It looks like Mona's aiming to divide and conquer.

Jenna doesn't waste much time stirring up trouble and it turns out the new girl, Sydney, is in on all of this with her! Honestly of ALL the characters on this show, I really just want to know what Jenna's deal is! People connected to her keep dying and she somehow always finds new minions.

Everyone ends up at Emily's house that evening when they hear the news announce that the girl buried in Ali's backyard was Bethany Young, a 17-year-old patient that allegedly ran away from Radley around the time Ali disappeared. Immediately after the announcement...BOOM!

Someone blew up Toby's house and half the block (RIP again Emily's living room) and Toby runs to make sure Jenna wasn't inside. Seconds later, all 5 girls get a text...we all know what that means...

Cut to our first -A scene of the season, where it seems like -A is at the high school, playing with a new doll and dollhouse, eating some pizza and just being generally suspicious.

Check in next week for my newest review...I'm pretty interested to see how half of Rosewood will recover from being blown up.

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