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Pretty Little Liars: The Silence of E. Lamb Review- "Big Rhonda and Boozy Hanna"

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Last night on Pretty Little Liars , we got to see more Boozy Hanna (Boozy Hanna and Spencer Cray-stings are my 2 favorite PLL characters....plain Hanna and Spencer are great too, but it's just not the same)thanks to her dealing with Ali's return in at the bottom of whatever bottle she can get her hands on.

At school, Emily's mom tells Em that she thinks it would be a good idea to invite Ali and the girls over for dinner at their house, as a show of support to Alison, whom everyone knows has no adult influences in her life, due to them either being dead or clueless, or both.

When Emily runs the dinner idea by the girls in the bathroom, Ali's suspicious at first and all of the girls try and think of reasons to not go, but eventually they agree. The entire time Hanna's just like

Ali and Em are left alone in the bathroom and Ali asks if Emily will walk her home, as she's still shaken up about the attack (for someone who's so tough, Ali sure can turn on damsel-in-distress mode in a heartbeat)...cue Sydney randomly walking out of a stall (and hopefully teaching them a lesson they should have learned by at least season 2...Check the bathroom stalls BEFORE secret private time girl talk) and telling Ali what a nice scarf she was wearing while touching it with her gross toilet fingers.

Outside of the bathroom, Sydney tells Em about Paige's locker rat from last week, as soon as Em spots Mona walking by, she questions her. Naturally, Mona gives her usual coy answers , but when Em spots her holding a notebook of Noel Kahn's, Mona brushes it off as the two sharing notes, but you can tell Em's finally on to something.

Hanna and Caleb catch up with one another at The Brew. They talk about Hanna wanting to cut Ali off and the tension is still just building up between the two of them.

At Radley, Aria starts her first day as a volunteer and is joined by none other than Eddie Lamb, who thinks he's seen her somewhere before (Aria as A theorists, go on and eat this one up). Later during her shift, a patient sees Bethany Youngs drawing and flips the hell out on Aria, calling her a thief. The patient is Big Rhonda and Bethany Young was her roommate.

Back at school, Caleb and Ali share their first of what I hope are many scenes to come. Caleb was his most Caleb-y and called Ali a "tornado" which is pretty damn accurate, and I swear I could almost see Ali resolving to seduce him for that at some point. Come on, a cute boy who's more into "Hefty Hanna" than Ali? That just seems like the kind of challenge Ali can't resist. But I digress...

Ezra and Spencer meet for an awkward clue-searching session. Although she hasn't completely forgiven him for lying to and spying on the girls, she at least recognizes that the wealth of information that he's collected can help out in the grand scheme of things. Before she takes off, she asks Ezra for a camera of his and he loans it to her.

Back at Radley, Aria has decided that the only way to get more info from a large intimidating patient who's set off by being stolen from, is to sneak into said patient's room and do what? Steal, of course! Unfortunately, Aria ends up trapped in Rhonda's room when she returns unexpectedly and can do nothing but wait for a chance to escape.

So while Aria's trapped under Big Rhonda's, we check in on Hanna, Emily and Ali who are trapped at dinner with Mrs. Fields. You know how uncomfortable the girls get when they have to be around an adult for more than 5 minutes at a time...especially a non-hot male adult! Hanna found some generic-ass vodka to drink to quell her nerves after Ali tried to tell her to stop seeing Caleb and shortly after our girl Boozy Hanna makes an appearance. Em quickly picks up on Hanna's intoxication and kicks her out of dinner, but Boozy Hanna is like the honeybadger at this point and continues her drunken adventure at The Brew.

While at The Brew, Hanna runs into Sydney and starts drunk rambling to Sydney about Jenna, who can clearly tell Hannah is drunk and is fishing for information. Hanna lets Shana's name slip as well as a comment about New York and suddenly I feel like I'm in an old Dave Chapelle skit:

Fun boozy Hanna just turned in to "OMGSHUTYOURSTUPIDDRUNKMOUTHANDGOHOME!!" Hanna reeeeally quickly.

Caleb enters The Brew shortly after Sydney-gate and he and Hanna discuss where their relationship should go now. The conversation ends with a kiss and we finally have our Haleb back...but will it be the same? These two are both having a hard time with life right now, so them getting back together and doing some teenage drinking while tossing one-liners back and forth can't be a bad thing...right?

Aria escaped from Big Rhonda's room eventually, but was caught by Eddie Lamb as she was leaving. He asks what she's looking for and of course she says nothing. Immediately after Aria leaves, Eddie calls Ezra for an unknown reason...Hmmmmm...

After Emily's dinner, Mrs. Fields pulls Em to the side and tells her that she thinks Ali is lying about the kidnapping and that although the girls saved her once, they don't have to continue saving her time after time.

Spencer watches the surveillance video she captured using Ezras's camera and catches Ali sneaking around in all black near the Hastings barn. We all knew she was still lying, but what in the world is it about now?! Ali's seriously more trouble than she's worth.

This weeks -A scene showed -A tampering with Pam Fields' invitation to Ella, Aria's mom, and Zach's engagement party. Two things Rosewood has plenty of....weddings and funerals.

I'd love to read some of your theories and speculations based on last night's episode, so let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check back for my newest Pretty Little Liars reviews every Wednesday!

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