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Pretty Little Liars: Run, Ali, Run Review-"The Return of Eddie Lamb "

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Last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars picked up immediately after Toby's house got blown to smithereens last week, but aside from a few new facts, the episode felt more like a filler compared to the action we've seen so far this season.

After Toby's house was blown up, -A sent the girls a message that none of us could have guessed (sarcasm) " Did you miss me, Bitches?" which the girls read right before Toby's house blew up again. No one was inside of the house at the time of the explosion, which means Jenna lives to see another day (no pun intended)...but that begs the question, where was she?

The girls meet up after things cool off a bit to talk about the return of -A and regroup, but Aria "Woe is Me" Montgomery is too busy freaking out at the revelation of -A still being alive and knowing she killed Shana.

I mean, Emily totally murdered someone too and it only affected her for, like, 2 episodes tops...

Later, Hanna and Caleb run into each other at The Brew again and talk about -A's return. Caleb thinks Hanna should go to the cops, which has pretty much always been his stance on this entire situation, but Hanna refuses and the convo doesn't end with them making out like we all really wanted.

Aria finds herself back at Ezra's apartment, where the two are discussing the possibility of there being a connection between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Bethany Young, the Radley patient who was found buried in Ali's grave. Ezra's fairly sure that the name Bethany came up when he was doing research at Radley and thinks that it's possible that -A killed Mrs. D and Bethany in relation to their unknown connection.

At school the next day, the girls sit at their Mean Girl lunch table and shortly after, Ali receives a COMPLETELY jacked up Snapchat from -A (but props for being intuitive with your stalking!). Aa video of Ali's mother being buried pops up with the message "I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you" which confirms that -A did indeed kill Mrs. D.

The girls talk after school about who could have killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and Ali tells them she wants to leave again which, who could blame her? -A has certainly been playing rougher since she's been back, but the girls think it's a better idea for her to stay in Rosewood, where they can all keep an eye on her. Spencer confesses to the girls that she talked to Mr. Hastings about Mrs. D's death, but he denied killing her, which murderers never do.

Spencer goes to Radley the next day to chat with old pal and fan favorite Eddie 'No Snitching' Lamb, the orderly that looked out for her while she was committed and who knows more than he ever lets on. He hints to her that there may be(Read: there DEFINITELY IS) a connection between Mrs. D. and Bethany Young. He won't go into much more detail than that and Spencer leaves. We can also see that their conversation was captured on the Radley security cam. Seriously girls, can we PLEASE learn to do a camera sweep before we start having pertinent conversations?!

Back at the Marin house, Hanna and Ali are spending quality time together bonding and stuff. Nah, I'm just playing! Ali tells Hanna she wants to leave and Hanna's actually like...

...because Ali leaving would help clear up a lot of the identity issues she's been having lately (not really, but Hanna hopes so).

Oh, look another Ezria scene...The couple is back at work looking for info about Bethany Young and as they begin sifting through files to see what they can find, Lieutenant Kickass knocks on the door and asks Ezra if she can ask him some questions about Shana. Aria immediately makes herself disappear.

As soon as Lieutenant Kickass enters, she hands Ezra an envelope that was left at his door, then begins asking him all sorts of questions about whether or not he knew Shana, why she was in his family's theater, his bullet wound and other relevant questions that are enough to make Aria even more paranoid. Rosewood PD may never know what the heck they're doing, but Lieutenant Kickass is a whole different ballgame.

Once she leaves, Ezria takes a look at the envelope that was left for Ezra and inside is a creepy drawing of a lady in a garden about to be attacked by a monster. Aria recognizes that the lady is supposed to be Mrs. D, and the two discover that the drawing was done by none other than Bethany Young.

They then review Ezra's hallway video camera and find out that Eddie Lamb delivered the drawing, knowing Ezra was researching Radley.

Back at school, Emily asks Paige to rat out Mona's Army members to her and eventually Paige spills Lucas and Melissa's names. Somehow someone finds out about Paige's snitching, because she ends up with a dead rat in her locker. I think you're out of the club now Paige...

Hanna is helping Ali prepare to leave , but before she does, Alison wants to go say goodbye to her dad first. She leaves her boarding pass on the dresser (in plain sight...just saying) and when Emily stops by it's the first thing she notices. She goes off on Hanna for helping her new boo leave without telling anyone and storms off to go find her.

Meanwhile, Ali is home alone and prepares to head back over to Hanna's when she's attacked by -A, who tries to strangle her. Emily comes in to save her in the nick of time, and tells Ali that she's not leaving that night and Ali asks if she can stay at Em's. Emily ends up watching Ali sleep all night which I'm sure some of you thought was adorable, but I was more like if I had yet another attempt made on my my life, there's no way I'd be sleeping so soundly.

The girls meet up to discuss Ali's attack and Aria (finally) has some helpful info to bring to the table,telling them about the strange drawing Ezra received and the possible connection between Mrs. D and the murdered Radley patient, Bethany. She also immediately elects Spencer to be the one that goes back to Radley to try and find more clues, and Spence gives her one of her patented Hastings looks that I'll forever hold near and dear to my heart:

In the end it's Aria that ends up at Radley in the end and rightfully so! The girl is always on the outskirts of the mysteries and she's only been more involved since Ezra is now too! Time for her to get some legit information on her own.

This week's -A scene showed Black Veil (who has to be Big A) sending a condolence card to Bethany Young's family, which is pretty messed up when you think about the fact that he/she probably killed her.

Oh! Haleb is SUPER close to happening again, which makes me like, Rumple-level happy:

Check back in next week for my latest review, and let me know what you thought of last night's episode below!

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