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Orphan Black - Season 3 - Comic Con Spoilers

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Season 3 Scoop:

- Is Ari Millen ready to do what Maslany does next season and play the male clones of Project Castor? "We've had a couple conversations and I know a little bit about who I am and where I'm going," Millen says. "Tat's an amazing actress and I know she'll be there to help me when I need it."

- There were Donnie scenes in the Season 2 finale that had to be cut for time. They will be on the Season 2 DVD extras, and the scenes are about Donnie trying to get his monitor expenses from Rachel and blackmailing someone, so yeah, you definitely want to watch those.

- There will be original material in the "Orphan Black" comic books that hasn't been shown on the TV series, so you definitely want to read those, Clone Club!

- Will we see flashbacks to when Beth was still alive? "At some point, there is a definite chance that we will see that," executive producer John Fawcett says. "I think there is probably a twist on what happened with Beth that we don't know yet," executive producer Graeme Manson adds cryptically.

- Will we see trans clone Tony again? The EP's aren't confirming or denying, but Fawcett did have this to say: "My favorite part of that was the super hot kiss [between Tony and Felix]," Fawcett says. "It was a little weird but super hot."

- Fawcett and Manson revealed they want to introduce Alison's mother on the show.

- Will we see Jesse, Helena's boyfriend, again? "It was one of our favorite moments of Season 2, getting a little romance for Helena," Manson says. "We love Patrick Adams, he's great. And she's still got that hat. He needs his hat back."

- A fan made Maslany cry after sharing her story about how the show helped her build a relationship back up with her mother after her mother didn't accept her coming out of the closet. Gavaris thanked the fan for sharing her story and hopes the show can help others can see past someone's sexuality.

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