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Once Upon A Time - Season 4 - Spoilers from Comic-Con Panel

Keeping Regina in check: After Emma unknowingly brought back Robin Hood's previously dead wife Marion back to Storybrooke, things are about to get rough for Regina. "It's an impossible situation. I can't apologize for saving a life and I'm horrified for getting in the way of Regina's happiness. It may spiral her back into her old ways," said Jennifer Morrison said of Emma's bind. "Emma's going to be determined to keep her in the good place in her life ... and keep something positive between them. It adds a nice element of conflict and concern." Added Parrilla, "She has something up her sleeve. Is anyone surprised by that? She's enjoyed being good; she's enjoyed discovering the light magic, but old habits die hard."

Hook in regular clothes: Looks like Captain Hook will finally get out of his period garb in the new season. "It'll be nice to wear something new," said Colin O'Donoghue, who revealed that Hook's jacket weighs 50 pounds.

Henry's new journey: Producers hinted that Henry will take up the family business — the pawn shop side of it — in the new season. Horowitz hinted that Henry's relationship with Mr. Gold will be further explored.

Belle and Rumple forecast: Rumple and Belle's wedding was genuine, Kitsis affirmed, even though Rumple's "weaknesses" may take over — especially following his dagger betrayal. How would Belle react if and when she discovers the truth? "I think she might be devastated," said Emilie De Ravin.