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MOVIES: Dwayne Johnson hints at DC role

During a chat about all things Hercules (lots of amazing videos coming soon), we tried to nail down who he's playing.

Johnson reveals that he and DC are set to make a big announcement very soon (Comic-Con, anyone?), and that the character he'll be playing has 'the power of Superman', isn't Green Lantern "He was a character I wanted to play, but there was already a version of Green Lantern..." (so could we be seeing a shock Ryan Reynolds appearance at the DC/JLA Comic-Con panel?!), and 'can throw down', before teasing a very mysterious, hugely clue-heavy rejoinder...

Comic fans will quickly put the clues together, and they all point to Shazam - a DC movie that was first rumoured to be in development just last month.

Dwayne Johnson says “Just say the word.”

Yes, that’s how the actor is teasing his upcoming, and oft-speculated role for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Speculation says that word, and character, would be “Shazam.”

Having teased another member of the DC Comics “Marvel family,” Black Adam, a few times in the past, he now seems to be leaning to the heroic Shazam. Besides “Just say the word,” which in the comics transforms young Billy Batson into Shazam by uttering his name, the erstwhile “Rock” also said, “He has the power of Superman,” confirmed without a doubt that “it’s not Green Lantern,” and promises that there will be an announcement made “very soon.”