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Lost Girl - Season 5 - Anna Silk Interview

Thanks to Richard for the heads up. First, thanks for taking the time to chat with me again. AE readers have loved you and the show since the start.
Anna Silk: Yes, I know, thank you.

AE: This new season you have a new showrunner. Emily Andras, who ran seasons 3 and 4, is still involved but Michael Grassi is now in charge. What does that mean for the story and what does he bring at the helm?
AS: I think that speaking from the perspective as Bo, Emily brought so many great elements to the show. Michael is just picking up where Emily left off. What he has done specifically with Bo that I really love is we have a much more clear-headed Bo this season. She is on a mission and knows how to get what she wants. She is a lot less discombobulated–That’s a terrible word. (laughs) I can’t think of another word – by the Fae world around her.

She is just more clear-headed, more intelligent, stronger, because that’s where the story has now come. So that is where Michael is taking her. I think where we left off last season, so much happened last season to Bo in the Fae world she was feeling out of her element and out of control. Michael has picked that story up and really gone far with that in terms of Bo’s capabilities this season.

AE: You mentioned in Season 4 that Bo was a little discombobulated and bewildered by some of what happened, what then are the big themes for Season 5?
AS: Family is another theme for Season 5 for sure. That comes in many forms in our show. There is Bo’s Fae family that she has made. Her friends have become her family. Then there’s Bo’s actual bloodlines within the Fae world. So we definitely see more of that in Season 5. We have a lot of new, interesting players on the block. I would say that’s a big theme.

Bo’s love life is always an underlying element of the show as well. It’s hard to not have that as a big theme when you’re a succubus. That certainly gets played out in different ways. I’m curious to see what viewers think when they see it. But I think that people will be really, really happy.