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How to Get Away with Murder - Pilot - Advance Preview

Coming this fall on ABC is drama How to Get Away with Murder from Shonda Rhimes's Shondaland and created by Peter Nowalk.

It's the campus bonfire night, and while everyone is busy with the festivities, in the woods, four students are fighting what to do with the "body". When they can't agree on the same thing, they decide to do a coin toss to make a decision. The episode then flashes back to four months earlier .

It's the first day of classes at Middleton Law School. As the class settles down, professor of Criminal Law 100, Annalise Keating, announces to the class they will be helping her with a real case. She says that she will be picking 4 students to work in her firm one of which well get the trophy which will exempt them from any of her exams when handed in. This ensue a battle among the students in an attempt to outperform one another.

The scenes flashback and forward throughout the episode to show us the ongoings of the night of the murder and the case the students are helping with. The identity of the person who is killed, which is revealed later in the episode, left me surprised as it was not who I was expecting. Also featured throughout the episode is the investigation of a missing student Lila Stangard.

The shows is scandalous, sexy and salacious as can be seen in the pilot. Voila Davis proves to be an excellent lead for the series and the supporting characters are also fairly interesting. Not much is revealed about the characters in the pilot, but I am sure that will be seen as the show progresses. The shows has all the markings of a potential hit for ABC.

How to Get Away with Murder airs this fall on Thursdays 10/9c on ABC. Watch the promo and sneak peek below.