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Character Cup - Nominations Open - Nominations Now Closed

Updated 7/10 -  Nominations are now closed, but you can still participate.  Polls are up for the final nominations and ranking.  Contest starts Sunday evening.

Updated 7/6 - Remember you can only nominate once. If you fill out the form more than once, all your nominations will be disqualified. We've already had a couple people who negated their nominations and that just sucks out loud.

Character Cup nominations start today! If you haven't participated in the Cup before on SpoilerTV, it's basically a fun contest to pass the hiatus. People nominate their favorite characters (male and female, current and/or ended) and the top 64 characters go head-to-head to choose a favorite. Let me stress that this contest has nothing to do with the "best" character, which is subjective, or the best acted character, also subjective, or most influential character, you guessed it - still subjective. It is simply a way to show your favorite characters some love. So think back on all those great TV shows you've watched in the past or are watching now. Who are your favorites?

You can nominate up to 2 males and 2 females from any show. If you want to have all your nominations from the same show, that's fine. However in a new twist for the contest, only one character can be represented per TV show. So if one TV show has the three top nominated characters, only the one with the most votes gets in. This gives more fandoms a chance to participate and will hopefully make the contest a lot more interesting. It also means that you are better off nominating a different show's characters each time so you're not cancelling out your own nomination.

Basic nomination rules:

1.  Only 1 Submission per person. If you submit multiple times ALL your submissions will be removed.

2.  You can nominate up to 2 males and 2 females but you have to do it at the same time. You can choose to nominate fewer.

3.  Nominations end Thursday at noon CST.  Contest starts next Sunday.

4.  Only nominations with both character AND TV show will be included.

5.  Questions?  Ask in the comments below.

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