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Character Cup - 1B

Our Character Cup is off to a great start. The first set of polls contained no surprises according to the statistics, although I was surprised that Nikita beat out Jack Bauer. Kudos! Congratulations also to Patrick Jane, Buffy Summers, and Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion and started some great topics. It makes hiatus go faster and me enjoy the contest more. Updated brackets below the poll. Until tomorrow, happy voting!

Polls end - Tuesday around 3 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Sharon Seymour, Famous 4 It, Janna, and Toni are all at 100% this round. Great job!

Today's Topic - Continuining from the fascinating conversation Blue Star started yesterday, how does your summer TV viewing compare to your fall? Do you find yourself more enthralled with the characters of fall or summer? Do you watch the same type of shows in both? Whose your favorite character so far this summer? How about in fall?  Has summer TV changed for you over the years?

Current Bracket:

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