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Agents of SHIELD - Season 2 - Producers' Interview

Season 1 ended with some huge changes to the status quo, in the wake of the Hydra reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nick Fury has now named Coulson the director of a new incarnation of SHIELD, which he essentially is building from the ground up. But just how large is this new SHIELD? And how official are they, given Fury himself is believed to be dead?

Jeffrey Bell: That's one of the things we're going to be exploring. Who's out there? Who went to Hydra? Who didn't? Who can we trust?

Maurissa Tancharoen: What does it mean to be the director of something that's fallen apart?

Bell: I mean, once we could say "Hydra" and there were double-crosses and spies in our midst, the show got really interesting. So continuing that with SHIELD and Coulson -- not willing to trust people, not willing to bring people in...

Jed Whedon: Right -- what happened too, because he doesn't have as many resources. We think we can keep that "Trust no one alive" [feel].

Tancharoen: And as Agent Coulson, I think it was very clear that he was the kind of man to leave no man behind. But now as director, I think we're going to explore, you know, maybe he has to make tougher decisions, harder calls.

Whedon: Last we saw them, they were being hunted. They were no one's friends. They're in a bit of a pickle when we find them.

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