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24: Live Another Day – 10:00 PM – 11:00 AM (Finale) – Review: “A brilliant finale”

24 knows how to do finales. Even season 6, an absolute train wreck of a season, had a good finale. This episode didn’t disappoint either.

The big thing that happened in this episode was, of course, the death of Audrey. I enjoyed the fake-out of her death. Deaths on this show are done for one of two reasons: for shock value (see David Palmer), or emotional value (see George Mason). In this case, the death came for both reasons (albeit the latter not arising until a good few minutes later with Jack). 24 often gives us those moments of false hope, and I feel that it strengthens the impact of the character’s unfortunate fate.

The issue I had with the scene was Kate's reaction to Audrey's death. Her overdramatic reaction was unwarranted due to the lack of companionship between them. The sudden pause with Kate holding Audrey (when she was still standing) was laughable, and the look Kate gave Audrey as she held her was that as if they were a lesbian couple. I'm not buying the instant deep connection from Kate, not one bit.

What was brilliant to see, however, was Jack’s reaction to the news. Quiet moments are a rarity on this show, which makes it that much more important when they do come. Kiefer Sutherland played it to perfection. His portrayal of Jack has always been superb, and this was one of his best moments in the role.

Jack’s near suicide was followed by a scene reminiscent of the season 1 finale. It’s always fantastic to see Jack go all… well, Jack. His grief was, as it usually is, channelled into anger, and he proceeded to launch a one-man screaming assault on Cheng’s men. It was incredible to watch, and it culminated in the long-awaited decapitation of Cheng.

Speaking of fantastic reactions, William Devane and Tate Donovan really brought their ‘A’ game in this finale. Mark’s quiet admittance to Jack that Audrey loves him was superb – it was almost as if he realised it just as he said it. Donovan is equally fantastic later in the episode as he sees Heller on the floor and realises that Audrey had died. The look of devastation was conveyed beautifully by Donovan.

Devane’s final two scenes are superbly played too. The collapse followed by a slight shake of the head was great to see. It was, however, his final scene in which he really stood out. Short monologues are seldom seen on 24, but like those aforementioned quiet moments, they are brilliant when they come.

Heller’s speech about his Alzheimer’s was incredible to watch. It’s so sad to watch Heller suffer like this. I love how the show toed the line as to whether it was a good or bad thing for Heller: Is it good that he forgets what happened to Audrey, or is it bad that he forgets he had a daughter? Devane delivers it to perfection.

Similarly to season 8’s finale, Jack admitted how much he needs Chloe. Their friendship has come so far since her introduction in season 3. Jack had no hesitation in trading himself for Chloe, and that was to be expected. She is, really, his only remaining friend, and after just losing Audrey, he was never going to let Chloe die.

In the end, Jack got into the helicopter with the Russians (though not before threatening the guy) and as they flew away, the silent clock played. I’m still not sure as to how I feel about this ending in relation to the season 8 finale. I’m sort of leaning towards it being better, purely because at the end of season 8, Jack was desperate; whereas the ending here is him totally at peace with what’s happening.

Decrypting the CTU files (for the final time):

  • TWO SILENT CLOCKS. That’s the first time it’s ever happened.
  • How awesome was Jack and Belcheck’s raid on the docks?
  • They used the same music in Heller’s scene at the airfield as when he was at Wembley in episode 8.
  • Kate left the CIA. Considering all she’s been through, not really surprising.
  • They showed the actual decapitation. Odd for a broadcast network to show something so gruesome.
  • I feel really sorry for Ron (the President’s aide). He had to keep so many secrets AND tell Heller that Audrey had died.

So, what did you guys think of the finale? Let me know in the comments below. Also, for the season review, we’re going to do a roundtable podcast, so look out for that in the next couple of weeks.

Bradley Adams
15 year old in England. I'm a big TV fan, with my range of shows almost exclusively dramas. Some of my all-time favourite shows include 24, LOST, Breaking Bad and Friends. Some of my current favourites include Person of Interest, Arrow and The Walking Dead. I review Person of Interest and 24: Live Another Day for Spoiler TV. I also run an Arrow blog, ArrowFansUK, as well as my own tv blog. Aside from TV, I'm a keen cricketer.
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