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2014 Character Cup - Round 4

As we proceed to round 4, only 8 characters are left out of the original 64. Congratulations to Vincent Keller, Tyrion Lannister, Kate Beckett, and Chandler Bing for making it to round 4 today. Fun Fact - Brennan and Chandler have the biggest spread between their original ranking and how they are doing now. Today is our Elite 8 contestants, and I expect the voting to be more intense from this point out as we speed to a winner. Hopefully someone you like is still in. Thanks for participating and commenting. Until tomorrow, happy voting!

Previous contest results - Final rankings for all characters out in the second round now up. Final rankings have been moved to the top. Inital rankings below

Polls end - Monday around 5:00 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Chandler broke everyone's bracket. Who knew he would go this far? After last round, Janna pulls into the lead again with 11 misses while Famous 4 It has 12.

TV Talk Topic - Inspired by a conversation last week with Blue Star, today we're talking about how TV has changed you, besides just taking up a lot of hours and maybe money. Have you ever found your viewpoint on a subject swayed? Have you developed a new perspective? Has it made you more aware of something? Has it ever inspired you to try a new hobby or get deeper into an old one? Have you learned a new technology for a show? Has TV added to your vocabulary, your music selection, or your wardrobe? Have you ever bought something because it was advertised on your favorite show as a sign of support? Has TV helped you make new friends or develop stronger relationships?

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