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2014 Character Cup - 2A

Well we did it. 64 characters become 32 as we enter round 2. We're half way through the contest. Thanks so much to everyone participating in round 1. I've had some great TV discussions and I hope you too have had fun reminsicing about some of your favorite shows. It's been a pleasure talking TV with you. Congratulations to Emily Thorne, Chandler Bing, Veronica Mars, and Regina Mills for continuing into round 2. They will be back in 4 days. Shortly after this is posted I will compile the new rankings for every character that is now out of the contest. You can see the new ranking list here. So what character do you wish had gone farther? Is there a character you wish had gotten enough nominations to get into the contest that didn't? Hopefully some of your favorites are still in. Until tomorrow, thanks for commenting and happy voting!

Previous contest results

Polls end - Tuesday around 5 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Toni and Famous 4 It both had perfect predictions this time. Congrats! That puts Janna and Famous 4 It tied for first place with only 2 wrong predictions in 32 polls. Nice job guys! You really know your stuff. Can't wait to see how everyone's predictions go in the second round. I sure hope mine get better.

TV Job - Yep, I am putting you to work. I've selected pictures for this round but chances are you have better ones. Therefore, it's your job to find a picture of anyone moving into round 3 or be stuck with the first thing I found on Google Image. You can pop a picture into the comments below, e-mail me at, or tweet me @dahne1. Thanks for helping out! Guidelines:

1. Must be clothed and PG please!
2. Clearly shows the character's face
3. Is just the character and not a group thing
4. No gifs - jpeg or png only please

TV Talk Topic - Today I am postponing the serious TV talk discussion just to have a little fun. (Don't worry. We'll do the original topic tomorrow.) If you could start a Kickstarter campaign for your favorite characters, who and what would it be for? If you want to really have fun, what would some of the prizes be? Remember this is just goofy fun so make it as wild (but still family friendly) as you want. I can't wait to see what your fantasy Kickstarters would be.

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