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The 100 - Season 2 - Jason Rothenberg discusses Episode Order and More

Another question I had is that -- we saw Abby. Her part of the Ark survived, and then there's this plume of smoke off in the distance. Is that another part of the Ark that survived or is that something else?

Well, it's safe to say that Mecha Station, which is the station that Abby and company came down on, will not be the only station that made it. It probably will be the only station that made it without any casualties. That was important to me, just because if Abby was going to enjoy that first breath of air, there couldn't be people dead and suffering in the ship below her.

Most of the ships -– we saw many of them exploding on the way down, some of them made it probably only to crash and burn, with others, maybe we'll find some survivors. Part of the Season 2 storyline will be finding those survivors. What's cool is it gives us [possible future stories]. In "Lost," they found the tail section in Season 3. Who knows when we could find other stations from the Ark on the ground? It could happen as early as the beginning of Season 2, it could be Season 4, if the good Lord is willing.

Jaha, Finn, Bellamy, Raven -- their statuses are unclear at this point right, or are we clear on at least Jaha?
Well, he's alive but seemingly not for long. He's only got two weeks of air left up there. So if he were to continue as a character we would have to come up with a pretty compelling way and reason to bring him down. But yeah, all those other characters that you mention are definitely in limbo.

Do you want to comment on their status? I'm half-expecting you to say no, but I just thought I would ask.
It's funny, we get a lot of credit for killing main characters, but I personally don't think we've done that very much. So some people tease us about the fact that it's only the redshirts, the people that don't matter, that die and that's something we're conscious of. But yeah, I'd rather not reveal whether any of those people make it or don't into Season 2. I love all those characters.

But I assume the cast is expanding in Season 2, via new characters and maybe through some actors becoming series regulars next season.
Yes. The cast is definitely expanding in Season 2. Whether or not that means we're introducing new people or whether or not existing guest stars are becoming regulars, we're extending the cast for sure, as part of extending the universe. Clarke and Monty are in Mount Weather; we know that. We will definitely meet people in Mount Weather and get to know characters in Mount Weather that have lived there their whole lives.

We will expand the Grounder world in Season 2. We may make it to see "Luna at the sea," which is where Lincoln told Clark and Finn to go and where he theoretically is taking Octavia at the end of the finale. They may not make it that far, who knows, but it's safe to say that we'll meet other people.

One of the themes of Season 2 is that you can't survive alone; you can't make it by yourself, and that I think necessitates meeting others. And of course, we have the 100, and the idea all along was that we can pull people out of there that had been the whole time that we just suddenly meet. Same thing now that the Ark is on the ground -- we'll certainly meet people that we haven't met before from the ship, some of the people we have met in minor roles may return, but they have a whole world that they're building now. The dropship camp got burned up and one of the main sets in Season 2 is going to be built around one of these Ark stations. I talk about it like it's "Deadwood" with a spaceship in the middle of it. There will be people living there and helping build it.

My last question is, how many episodes are in Season 2?
I'm not supposed to tell anybody what the episode order is yet, for some reason. I'm not quite sure why they're being secretive about it. But for me, [the number the network ordered] was the perfect number. We had 13 this season, and creatively 13's great. It's like a cable series. You get to really choose your story and the pace of it is never lagging. There's no filler episodes.

Next season I think you can assume we're going to do more. But the number will surprise people. So let me tease it like that -- it's more than 13 and fewer than 22.