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The 100 - Season 1 - Ricky Whittle Interview

TVLINE | Have you gotten a chance to watch the finale, yourself?
I actually just watched both parts, and the whole time I was like, “You can’t do that! You can’t show that!” I was like one of those caricatures screaming at the TV, and I knew what was coming. Hopefully, the audience’s reactions will be even better.

TVLINE | Give me some hints. What can we expect?

There are all those billboards you see for Game of Thrones that say “Winter is coming.” Well, I’m going to switch it up for The 100 and say “War is coming.” It’s going to be epic, the finale of all finales, and I’m so proud of it. From the actors to the lighting to the way it’s shot to the directing, you feel like you’re watching a movie — like Braveheart or Gladiator or something. If I hadn’t been watching it with other people, I would have teared up a little. And if you thought the season has been dark so far, the finale takes it to a whole new level.

TVLINE | And how does Lincoln fit into that darkness?

Well, the last time we left him, he was a little bit heartbroken. He understands that Octavia needs to be with her people, which just emphasizes the journey she’s been on. She started as a bratty teen who hated authority, and now we see she’s willing to give up running away with Lincoln to be with her people. She has several different layers and complexities. And Lincoln is the same.

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