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Scene Of The Week - June 8, 2014 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, "Beast is the New Black", June 2, 2014, Actors: Jay Ryan, Austin Basis and more, The Scenes: Vincent and Catherine dance in the shower & JT tells everyone what he really thinks
Lilith Hellfire: JT grows a backbone and tells Tess to stop calling his name, Cat how foolish she was for telling Vincent her plan and asks Gabe if he has any bright ideas. I like this scene because up until this point JT has been the quintessential "good guy" who everyone kind of runs over and takes for granted.
Virginia Fontana: This was so romantic and cute, and I love how these two find time for little stolen moments of happiness together in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds them. Also picked by Tonya Papanikolas

BELIEVE, "Revelation", June 1, 2014, Actors: Johnny Sequoyah, Jake McLaughlin, Delroy Lindo
The Scene: Bo and Milton part ways
Lilith Hellfire:
Bo tells Milton that she forgives him but she is not going to go with him and leaves with Tate to parts unknown. 

FAKING IT, "Faking Up Is Hard to Do", June 3, 2014, Actors: Rita Volk, Katie Stevens
The Scene: Amy tells off Karma
Jamie Coudeville:
Finally Amy vocalises what most Karmy fans have been thinking: stop making everything about Liam. My heart broke for Amy.

FARGO, "The Heap", June 3, 2014, Actors: Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and more
The Scenes: The time jump & Malvo visits Mr Wrench & The last scene at the bar

Sharon Seymour: Malvo visits Mr Wrench in hospital and leaves him the key to his cuffs. Also picked by Max Conte
Diana mack: The last scene at the bar, in which Lester recognizes Malvo talking with some people by the back. Also picked by Darth Locke
DarkUFO: The time jump a year. Very cleverly done.

GAME OF THRONES, "The Mountain and the Viper", June 1, 2014, Actors: Pedro Pascal, Sophie Turner and more, The Scenes: The Mountain and The Viper fight & Grey Worm and Missandei talk & Sansa's power play
Justyna Kubica:
There were three very memorable scenes for me in the last week's episode of the show. They were: Arya and the Hound learn about Lysa's death, Sansa's "honest" confession and the fight at the end. I wasn't quite sure which one to pick but in the end I went with The Viper vs. The Mountain battle. Though I have to admit I'm not really counting the very last minute of it as my favorite part. I definitely had a bad feeling about this fight but it was way too brutal for me to watch. And this is how we lose another great character. Oberyn was such an interesting person, with so much potential and it was so easy to root for the guy, especially thanks to the wonderful performance by Pedro Pascal. And fun fact, I'm not usually someone who pays a big attention to fight scenes but this one was so well done that it was hard not to. Despite the ending I was honestly impressed with The Viper's skills. He was winning (quite easily!) for most of the time. But his emotions took over and sealed his (and it appears that also Tyrion's) fate. And in the end, even though it cost him his life, he managed to get the confession he wanted from The Mountain. At least that's something. Hopefully the Mountain won't be enjoying this win for too long. He seemed quite seriously injured, after all. Also worth to mention, everyone's reactions during the fight were spot on! Ellaria's face though... it was absolutely heartbreaking. Can't get that image out of my head. Ahhh, he should have won.
Samy Bgs: The last scene. So epic though I really thought Oberyn would win but then I remembered it was Game of Thrones so it made sense that he lost. Also picked by Sharon Seymour, Sandi wich and Jamie Coudeville
Pablozky21: As much as the ending hurt me, it was an incredible fight, the stunt coordination was outstanding, the way Oberyn fought with the lance was beautiful and the whole fight was amazing but it wasn't unbelievable, it was balanced with greatness. Then, it ended on shock when on his dying breathe The Mountain killed Oberyn, and the scream of Oberyn's wife felt so incredibly real that it still plays very clearly in my head. Oberyn easily became my favorite character, and I may never forgive Martin for killing him off, but I have to admit, he did it with grace.
Lilith Hellfire: Grey Worm tells Missandei that he is not sorry for having become an Unsullied.
Darth Locke: I know a lot of attention is going to be given to The Mountain and The Red Viper, but I thought this was a great moment for the character and an amazing performance for Sophie Turner!

IN THE FLESH, "Episode 5", June 1, 2014, Actor: Emily Bevan, The Scene: Amy feels the rain on her face
Sandi wich:
I was very scared that Philip might actually find the courage to do as she asked and kill her, so I'm glad that he's not a ruthless bastard and hesitated so that she had a chance to feel the rain falling on her face. What a wonderful moment...but what does this all mean for her now that she can feel like a human again? Is she really the first to have Risen instead of Kieren? Or did the home made drug the commune invent change her in some way?

LOUIE, "Elevator Part 6", June 2, 2014, Actors: Eszter Balint, Louis C.K. and more
The Scene: The final scene
Max Conte:
The final scene in "Elevator, Part 6" where Amia has the waiter read her letter to Louie before she leaves.

MELISSA AND JOEY, "You're the One That I Want", June 4, 2014, Actors: Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence and more, The Scene: Mel tells Joe he has a secret daughter
Diana mack:
In the last scene, during their wedding, Mel tells Joe he has a secret daughter. Everyone gasps, then Mel asks if it's her turn to tell her vows.

ORPHAN BLACK, "Variable and Full of Perturbation", June 7, 2014, Actors: Tatiana Maslany and more
The Scene: Cosima has a seizure
Samy Bgs:
The last scene of the episode! Tatiana Maslany is just awesome.
Jamie Coudeville: This scared the crap out of me. I always thought they'd save Cosima, but now I'm not so sure anymore.

THE 100, "We Are Grounders, Part 1", June 4, 2014, Actors: Bobby Morley, Richard Harmon and more
The Scenes: Bellamy's speech to the camp & Murphy hangs Bellamy
Justyna Kubica:
Bellamy's speech is probably my favorite part of the episode. And there were quite a few great moments! I think the reason this scene really stands out for me is because it shows just how much Bellamy's character has changed during the season. Sure, he's not suddenly a great, innocent guy after everything he's done but I think he's grown a lot. And he actually cares about these people. He's not manipulating them (like back in the premiere), he became quite a leader for the group. Or rather a co-leader, cause he and Clarke, with their many differences, have an interesting way of balancing each other. Together, with Finn and Octavia (and possibly a few others), they are doing a surprisingly good job, leading and supporting the 100 on Earth. It was a very good, inspirational speech. Probably better, considering how sure I was watching the first episode, that I'm never gonna like this guy. "We are Grounders" is a very good theme for the show's finale. And even though, in the end, it seems Clarke's idea to leave is smarter, a big part of Bellamy's speech remains both true and significant. After a very impressive, very intense season, I can't wait what's gonna happen in the finale. Kudos!
Virginia Fontana: Bellamy's speech to the camp, culminating in his declaration, "we are grounders!" Clarke may have undercut it with her convincing case for everyone running instead of staying and fighting, but it was a hell of a speech that nicely accentuated the theme reflected in the episode title. Can the remaining survivors of the 100 ever put down roots, or will the next threat always keep them running? Again, we saw how Bellamy and Clarke compliment one another as leaders who each have a strong point to make even when they disagree, and a foundation of mutual respect that makes their relationship unique, admirable, and good for their people.
Pablozky21: Murphy hangs Bellamy- The first part of the finale already delivered some really good moments, among them my favorite may be this one. The reason behind it is that it puts Bellamy on a hard spot with no easy way out and it acts as a reversal of what we saw on episode 4, when Bellamy let Murphy be hanged. He's between the wall and the sword, a moment that is very similar to the one when Benson had to play roullete or be shot on SVU this season, which adds amazing tension. Though it was fairly predictable that Bellamy would be saved, it is not so much the outcome but the things that happen in between that makes this moment memorable for me.

VEEP, "Debate", June 1, 2014, Actors: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and more
The Scene: The entire debate scene
Max Conte:
Some of the funniest one-liners the show has delivered, and an incredible physical comedy performance from Julie Louie-Dreyfus and her twitching eye.

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