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Revolution - Declaration of Independence - Review & Highlights

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Well, this is at least two weeks late, but I’ve been busy, and I don’t do well with goodbyes. I just rewatched the season/series finale and thought I’d share a few thoughts, as well as open the discussion up to you – to share your favorite and least favorite moments from the series. Call it the part of the grieving process.

As for thoughts on the episode – obviously there were a lot of questions still left open. The cliffhanger ending with the nanos looked promising. The Miles/Rachel relationship got some legitimacy and closure by hearing Charlie give Rachel her blessing. Also on the relationship front, we heard from Charlie that she saw Jason as her love, and from Aaron that he considered Priscilla the love of his life. These last two seemed a little forced to me, because neither Charlie nor Aaron seemed to spend most of the series focusing on these people, but it’s a small point really.

The Patriots’ storyline was tied up nicely. This storyline never really grabbed me as much as I think it captured other people’s attention, so I’m fine with the ending. The nano storyline was just beginning, but nothing that can be done about that now. I didn’t like seeing Monroe and Conner end at odds – that arc had much more potential than the Patriots’ storyline – as well as the Monroe/Miles relationship, but again, nothing that can be done about that now.

Of course, short of a rescue from another network or brand like Netflix, we’ll never get more filled in with Rachel’s backstory with Miles, Ben, and Monroe. That is frustrating. What other loose ends am I missing?

There’s a field called “User Experience,” or UX as it’s often referred to, that has stormed businesses from a wide range of industries over the past 10 years or so. It was around before then, but it has more recently gotten more notice. The premise behind it is that it’s bad business to screw your end users, and by giving them a poor experience with your product, you’re only hurting yourself. Might be nice if NBC jumped on the bandwagon to adopt good UX practices. Other networks have been more progressive in trying to give users a better experience by adding a final shortened season to tie up loose ends. Just sayin’.

Highlights Section

In most weeks, in my reviews I’ve included the following sections:
- High Points
- Low Points
- Hottest Action
- Best Quotes

This week I’m leaving it open to hear what you all have to say about your favorite moments, least favorite moments, favorite action scenes, and favorite quotes. The range is series-wide (both seasons). For best quotes, don’t worry about getting an exact quote – a reference to the best of your memory is fine.

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