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Quote of the Week - 8th June, 2014

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, "Day 9: 4:00pm – 5:00pm", 2nd June, 2014

Bradley Adams: Heller “Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her.” Also picked by Justyna Kubica

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, "Beast is the New Black", 2nd June, 2014

Virginia Fontana: Vincent "Cat, don't you get it? You are my gem. I want to take you everywhere with me."

Vincent "I'm sorry, but I've got to say goodbye. I'm asking for one last night where we can love each other as much as we do right now."

Lilith Hellfire: Tess "You're not some fragile newbie couple, you're epic."

FARGO, "The Heap", 3rd June, 2014

DarkUFO: Gina Hess "Don't Mrs. Hess me. I was picking your pubes out of my teeth 12 hours ago. "

DarthLocke: Kitty Nygaard “I was Miss Hubbard County, for Pete’s sake. You don’t cheat on Miss Hubbard County."

Molly "That's the thing. You're still wrong."

GAME OF THRONES, "The Mountain and the Viper", 1st June, 2014

DarthLocke: Tyrion Lannister "Turns out far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons. Doesn't seem right. In any case, I found nothing that illuminated the nature of Orson's affliction or the reason behind his relentless beetles slaughter. So I went back to the source. I may not have been able to speak with Orson, but I could observe him, watch him, the way men watch animals to come to a deeper understanding of their behavior. And as I watched, I became more and more sure of it. There was something happening there. His face was like the page of a book written in a language I didn't understand, but he wasn’t mindless, he had his reasons. And I became possessed with knowing what they were. I began spending inordinate amounts of time watching him. I would eat my lunch in the garden, chewing my mutton to the music of "kun kun kun". And when I wasn't watching him, I was thinking about him. Father droned on about the family legacy and I thought about Orson's beetles. I read the histories of Targaryen conquests. Did I hear dragon wings? No, I heard "kun kun kun". And I still couldn't figure out why he was doing it. And I had to know because it was horrible, that all these beetles would be dying for no reason."

IN THE FLESH, Episode 5, 1st June, 2014

sandi: Simon "Where's Mum? Where is she?"
Dad "You don't remember?"
Simon "Remember?"
Dad "You came home"
Simon "When"
Dad "That night...." (he breaks down crying)
Simon "What did I do?"
Dad "I can't do this" (storms off)
Simon "Dad, dad? Dad, what did I do to her?"

Amy "Wait! My face, my face is wet, my face is wet. My face is wet!"
Philip "So?"
Amy "I can feel the rain, I can feel it Philip"

ORPHAN BLACK, "Variable and Full of Perturbation", 7th June, 2014

DarthLocke: Sarah "A boy clone? So a whole new batch then?"
Felix "No, he's definitely your batch."

Rachel "Of all of us, how is it the un-monitored tramp was successful?"
Ethan "In her fertility? Rachel, she's a failure, not a success. You were all barren by design."
Rachel "I suppose you couldn't have created a reproducing prototype, could you? That would be irresponsible, which is unforgivable."

THE 100, "We Are Grounders, Part 1", 4th June, 2014

Virginia Fontana: Bellamy "We are on the ground now and that means that we are Grounders!" Also picked by Justyna Kubica

Lilith Hellfire: Bellamy "Crowds make bad decisions, just ask Murphy."

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