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Pretty Little Liars - Whirly Girlie - Review: "I Can't Protect You Anymore"

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Last night on Pretty Little Liars, the girls finally found out about the fate of Mrs. DiLaurentis, and we learned that Alison probably hasn't changed as much as we hoped she had.

The girls headed back to Rosewood after last week's events and just as they were prepared to step off of the bus and back into town, Alison was ready to turn around and head for the hills. Emily stopped her and assured her that they decided to do the right thing by going to the police station and laying everything out on the table...including The Jenna Thing. Ali reluctantly agrees and the 5 liars make their way to the police station, Beatles-style:

Once they arrive at the station, they're met by Detective Beauty Mark, and before the girls can say "-A did it." Alison's already busy lying without them. She tells Holbrooke that she was kidnapped for two years and that the girls saved her from her captor in Philly. Meanwhile, the other 4 liars are left looking as confused as Mike Myers hosting a telecast with Kanye West. Just as Alison goes into more detail about how the girls hid her in a shed IN ROSEWOOD (which doesn't go unnoticed by Holbrooke) for the past month, Mr. Dilaurentis enters the room and has a tearful reunion with his daughter.

Back at Casa de Hastings, Spencer has made her way home and Veronica has lots of questions for her, since she's a lawyer and questioning is part of what she does. She wants to know how Spencer managed to keep Ali's fake death a secret for a month and tells Spencer that Melissa came back from London with secrets and attitude, which totally doesn't seem sketchy at all.

In another round of questioning at a completely different home, Hanna's mother, Ashley, also tries to talk to Hanna about the whereabouts of Alison, but Hanna's more concerned with whether or not the cheese in the fridge can still melt, needless to say Ashley doesn't get very far.

At the Montgomery house, Aria checked on Ezra and Mike walked in. He too tried talking about Alison and what has transpired, but Aria's too busy feeling guilty about killing Shana to even remotely want to deal. While she's busy being preoccupied, she also managed to let slip that she saw Ezra in New York, even though the girls are sticking with Ali's shed-in-Rosewood lie. Way to go Aria.

 photo donna-meagle-snitches_zps70b82682.gif

Spencer and Emily have a chat wherein Spencer reveals that she's not down for getting sucked back into Ali's hole of madness after her police station stunt and, as usual, Emily sticks up for Alison lying, saying that it could have been to protect her mother. While arguing, the 2 spot Jason cleaning his car and throwing out trash in the middle of the night because again, totally normal and not sketchy. As they go to investigate, Ali throws her phone out of the window and Spemily sees a text from an unknown (NOT signed "-A") that reads "The truth will bury you in a New York minute."

 photo tumblr_mbgiklIXIK1riqizno1_400_zps7f261c01.gif

Alison is settling back into her room at the DiLaurentis house when her dad walks in. He tells her how much he missed her and showed her a picture that he kept in his wallet from the day she went missing. Ali shed some tears, but I couldn't help but wonder what exactly for...

Later that night Ali pretends to sleep and we see Jason open her bedroom door and peek in and just...stare

 photo tumblr_mu00rwv2d31s7sh61o1_400_zpseef90466.gif

Back at the Montgomery house, Aria had trouble sleeping as she dreamt about/recalled how things went down with Shana at the theater in New York. Her guilt is eating at her like Nate's death did Emily, and Aria is most interesting when she snaps, so this should be good.

The next day, Mr. DiLaurentis goes to Ashley Marin's to ask for her help. He's worried that no one's heard from Mrs. DiLaurentis, especially since Alison's come home. He asks her to look through Mrs. D's work emails for clues about her whereabouts, as Jason's been no help at all since Ali's come home. Ashley isn't entirely comfortable with the task, but she agrees to help.

Jason and Alison have a heart-to-heart on their porch while Mr. D. is away. Ali asks how their mom reacted upon hearing she was alive and soon after a van pulled up. Apparently (and randomly) Mrs. D. had a rescue dog adoption in the works and the van was there to deliver Pepe to his new owner. Ali quickly decided to keep him upon learning that the family was his last hope. Seeeeee! She does have a heart! A heart for animals is still a heart!

School in Rosewood continues as usual and when Mike sees Mona struggling with a box, he offers to help. The two are still broken up but Mike isn't over Mona and seems dead set on winning her back. Mona tells Mike that she ordered whistles for all the girls in school after hearing about Ali's ordeal and it's at this moment that we're reminded that Mona's eyes are brown because she's so full of shit.

The liars aren't allowed to go to school for the time being, due to all the press and police presence, so Spencer catches up with Emily as she goes to return Ali's phone from the night before. Spencer decides to dig through the Dilaurentis' trash and find out what Jason was doing the night before when she stumbles on a bakery bag from New York

 photo tumblr_inline_mop2jmsFOk1qz4rgp_zps463cbe42.gif

Based on this, Emily believes that Jason is responsible for stalking the girls and terrorizing Ali because the only other person Mrs. D could possibly want to cover for trying to kill Ali, would be another child.

The girls head back to the DiLaurentis house and Emily shares her Jason theory with Alison, who in turn asks Spencer what she thinks. I'm totally on board with how not on board Spencer is with all of this. Spence tells Ali that it really doesn't matter what any of them think, as they've all been painted as pathological liars since the beginning, so even if they do figure things out for real, who'd believe them. The two begin arguing after Spencer calls Alison out for lying to the cops without them and Ali admits she only did it to spare Aria since she killed Shana.

When Spencer returns home, Toby is waiting for her. He hopped on a flight from London and came home to check on her and also brought back some interesting intel. According to Toby, he went to London to get some face-to-face answers from Melissa, but when he went to her apartment Wren answered the door and told him that Melissa had already gone back to the states. Melissa never ran into Toby, which means that we have no clue why she really brought her shady ass back. Another question to be answered everyone!

 photo tumblr_inline_mn2oyvjBjc1qz4rgp_zps845b68ad.gif

Aria is keeping herself busy at the shack Alison lied and said the girls were hiding her at to keep her safe. She was trying to make it look lived in, when Emily found her and the two connected over having killed people. Aria is LOSING IT, y'all.

Hanna's mom left Mrs. D's emails up back at the Marin house, so Hanna took the opportunity to snoop and man did she hit the jackpot. Mrs. DiLaurentis had a draft email ready to send to an unknown recipient that read "I can't protect you anymore." Say it with me now...totally not sketchy at all.

Meanwhile, Mike and Mona are having a flirty date at the Montgomery house when Aria walks in and immediately kills the mood. Mike excuses himself and the claws come off between the ladies. Mona's completely playing along with Ali's kidnapping story, which Aria calls her out on. She tells her that everyone knows what really happened the night Ali disappeared and Mona simply asked how Mr. Fitz was doing. Did you guys really think she wouldn't know what went down in NY? Come on, now.

As Hanna(who stopped by Ali's to drop off those emails to Mr. D) and Emily leave the DiLaurentis house, Jason comes out of the woodworks and tells them he saw what Hanna dropped off to his dad and that they should mind their own business. After the confrontation, he speeds off in his car to a janky looking building that we see him walking out of. Hanna and Em try to figure out what he was up to, believing him to be meeting Mrs. D, but are scared off by a drunk old man before they can get any answers.

While Hemily were chasing Jason, Alison took the time to pay her respects to her own grave, where she knows a real dead girl lies, and is met there by none other than Mona. Ali takes the opportunity to try and relate to Mona, stating they've both been to Hell and could be friends moving forward, since they both understand how hard coming back from Hell can be. Mona, who's extra full of spunk and threats tonight, tells Ali she'll soon wish she stayed dead.

By this time, Aria, Hanna and Emily have made their way to Spencer's house for a meeting because the past, like day and a half, have been waaayyy too eventful and they all need to regroup. Aria is ready to go tell the cops everything. She's freaking out at the thought of Mona knowing about New York and Shana and she just can't even...again.

The 3 girls are waiting on Alison and Spencer. Ali is still making her way back from the cemetery, and Spencer is trying to sneak Ali out of her house, not knowing she's not there. Jason catches Spence and makes a cryptic comment about taking the trash out, letting her know he knows she snooped. Spence asks him why he was in New York and Jason pretty much skirts around the question, instead offering up that he thinks Mr. D. thinks he's hiding Mrs. D and kidnapped Alison. Then Pepe beings to bark and call everyone's attention...

Poor Pepe. He didn't ask to find a dead body buried in the yard, let alone the dead body of his supposed-to-be master, Jessica DiLaurentis. Poor Pepe. He didn't ask for all this drama. He's just a dog.

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Jasmine graduated from Georgia State University in 2009 with her BA in Broadcast Journalism and considers herself an entertainment news/ pop culture connoisseur :)

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