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In The Flesh - Episode 2.06 - Press Release, Sneak Peek & Promotional Photos

Ep 6/6
Sunday 8 June

The series climax takes place against the backdrop of Roarton's annual winter fete and traditional boundary march. Kieren, now locked in his bedroom by a mistrustful Steve, is readying himself to be taken back to the Norfolk treatment centre for non-compliance.

Indeed, we see two Halperin and Weston executives with a car full of sinister equipment heading towards the village. However, there are more pressing dangers nearby: Simon believes he must sacrifice Kieren to instigate the Second Rising and Gary thinks he’s privy to a ULA attack on Roarton. When Kieren's estranged family leave him alone to join the village festivities, he’s a sitting duck – and Gary’s the first to reach him…

Meanwhile, Amy is ecstatically reeling from not turning rabid - and she and Philip face the village’s prejudice head on as they attend the fete as a couple.

Back at the Walkers', an unhinged Gary becomes convinced that Kieren himself is an extremist. He manhandles Kieren to the new graveyard where he knows the boundary march will be heading – then forces him to take Blue Oblivion. Kieren is made to face his darkest fear… turning rabid again. When he endangers Steve, Jem finds herself pointing a gun at her brother’s head. It looks as though Simon’s job is going to be done for him…

To top it off, Maxine’s deepest secret is revealed when she has a public meltdown at the fete. The villagers finally see her for what she really is, but not before tragedy touches Roarton.


Kieren worries about going back to Norfolk, unaware danger is brewing on his doorstep.

Attention! When rabidification strikes, you must know the signs of the B.E.A.S.T.

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