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Fargo - Creator Noah Hawley on Last Night's Surprise Ending and His Thoughts on Season Two

When FX pre-warned us that the final 20 or so minutes of last night's Fargo were not to be discussed until after the show aired, I knew that we had to be in for something good. Once again Noah Hawley has proven his ability to take us by surprise; the ending wasn’t a death, or a return, or some big shootout, but rather a 1-year time jump. The conclusion of “The Heap” showed us a very pregnant Molly, living with Gus, still intent on discovering the truth behind her former bosses murder. Hawley spoke to SpoilerTV about what the twist meant for the final two episodes, how the idea came about, and whether or not season two has gotten a green-light yet.

“I liked the idea that it felt like a real-life thing because obviously if these cases aren't solved quickly, often they're not solved at all or the case goes cold and then something new happens.” As “The Heap” wrapped up, not only was Molly still intent on proving that Lester was responsible for Deputy Thurman and Mrs Nygaard’s murders, but Lester also found himself in the same place as his accomplice, Lorne Malvo, for the first time since the crimes. “I found it really interesting,” Hawley told us, “the first episode is all about these two guys and then they're never in a room again until this point, and hopefully, we've managed to keep everyone entertained and create a compelling story without that element, but certainly, bringing them together now in episode eight, I think hopefully it gives everyone exactly what they’ve been hoping for all along.”

While he went on to call the final two episodes an “epilogue” of shorts (“I can’t wait for you to see [episode] nine, let me just say that.”) Noah also acknowledged that he’s still unsure whether there will be second season. “Look, obviously in an industry like this, anytime something is a success, you think how can I make more money off of it. That said, my experience with FX is they're very proud of the quality of the work, and their biggest concern is if we were to do it again, could we make it as good or better, and certainly those are conversations that are being had.”

Hawley admitted that he does have an idea in mind which he’s quite fond of, but said that he’d really have to envision the full picture and a proper ending to move forward. “I'm excited about the idea of really taking the time to think about it and the network is kind enough to allow me to do that.”

Fargo airs Tuesday nights at 10pm EST on FX.
The first of the final two episodes, “A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage” premieres next week. We’ve also got conversations lined up with series stars Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tollman and Colin Hanks next week, so pass any questions you may have along in the comments or at my Twitter account.

Noah Hawley's full conversation with the press can be read below.