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Devious Maids - Betrayal - Review

Please note: English is not my first language.

First, I want to say I'm sorry for reviewing this episode so late. The first two days the subs wasn't uploaded and after that, I was pretty busy with school. I thought I could give this episode a quick review, but since I hate such a review, it wouldn't be fair to do the same.

Alright, the episode. Hm, I'm not sure what I thought of this. Some stories were a little slow on development while one story finally moved forward. Everything was predictable and by some it wasn't amusing while the others are. I'll go ahead.

Marisol. The story was a little slow on the last episodes, with a few clues here and there. But on this episode, it moved a big step ahead by revealing the Dahlia backstory. Not Nicholas but Opal killed her out of rage. While it wasn't intentional, by the second time, it was.

Marisol anxiety awaits Nicholas' arrival at home. But before Nicholas gets home, Marisol and Opal passive-aggressive fights about Opal's drawer being unlocked. Then Nicholas arrives and Marisol wants to clear the air. In the bedroom, she forces her hand and wants Opal out of house because of her affair with Dahlia. At this moment, I thought that Nicholas was just going by this story instead of telling the whole truth. Because I felt that the lesbian-aspect was ridiculous. Marisol finally tells Nicholas that it is her of Opal. Nicholas promises that he's going to fix it.

A little while later, Nicholas buys a new house for Marisol as an early wedding gift. Marisol doesn't want this, but Nicholas justifies this by saying that nothing doesn't have to be changed. (I thought: Poor Opal, cleaning two big manors!)
Marisol re-affirmates that it is her or Opal.

With nothing left, Nicholas gives Opal a severance check and notes that the last fifteen years was a gift and that both should move on since he wouldn't like to lose Marisol. Kudos for Nicholas pulling through. My first impression of Nicholas was that he thought of Marisol as a arm candy and that he would kill her if Marisol knew too much. Nicholas seems to really love Marisol. Even after knowing her for just 4 months or so. Anyway, Opal threatens to confess everything to put him in jail. Nicholas retorts by saying that if he goes, she goes with him.

In the night, Nicholas goes out for a jog. We see him jogging to the bridge. This is classic tv-storytelling: Returning to the death scene immediately calls for another revelation or another murder. We got both of this: Nicholas remembers back and we see Dahlia going crazy. Dahlia comments that she was trying Opal as an experiment and to get out of boredom with Nicholas. Wow, so the lesbian thingy is true. Well, it's still ridiculous but at least original. Opal gets angered and pushed Dahlia out of the bridge and she fell to her death. I expected to see water and that she disappeared. That would be more exciting for the storyline later. But we see her and she's really dead. Back to present and we see a car pulling up and hit Nicholas. Opal was in the car. Is Nicholas really dead or?

Grade: B+ (I considered to give this story a C- but just because the ending changed everything, this got a B+)

Zoila. This woman continues to amuse me with her storyline. It didn't feel like a filler for me because this was a character development for Zoila and Javier. Zoila and Javier enter his house talking about dinner until Zoila notices that his house isn't cleaned properly. She almost demanded that Javier should fire her. Javier says he's going to fix it.

But then, Zoila meets Concepcion with the girls and quickly regrets her words when she discovers that Concepcion has it difficult with her grandmother and everything. Concepcion needs to clean house before tomorrow. Zoila, thoughtful, offers to clean the house so that Concepcion can go to her grandmother.

Zoila calls Javier to do some spying. She asks when he gets home by that day. She cleans everything in just a few hours. This is really funny and a classic DH style scene. Javier and Zoila then gets home and Javier is baffled. He's going to fire her because he feels she phoned it in for the last ten years while she could clean everything in one day. Zoila confesses and Javier is touched. He says something about a prickly pear and they kiss. Now all in unison: Awwwww. A fun storyline for me.

Grade: B (This was the most fun for me to watch, but since nothing really happened here, it wouldn't be fair to give this a higher grade than other stories.)

Then on with Valentina. Valentina quickly discovers that Tony has been laying it on top with Evelyn. Uncomfortable, she goes to Adrian and under a lie, she says that Evelyn misses him and that he should come back soon. Adrian does return and almost implies that he knows everything. While I do enjoy Evelyn's tryst with Tony, this new attitude of Adrian impresses me. So much that I think that it's enough for Evelyn with Tony. This could be interesting. Does Evelyn go ahead with Tony or not. This could make a hilarious situation but if the writers are cautious, this could get stale quickly.

Remy is still reeling from the "breakup" and says to Valentina that he doesn't trust Ethan. Val, put off by this, notes that she is still with Ethan and nothing is going to change that. With nothing left to do, Remy goes to Zoila for advice. Zoila still gracefully declines but give a sort of free advice. Remy should show what it was like to be with Remy and win Val back with this. Remy then goes to Val to give her a picture of the sunrise in Africa. Val, touched, still wants nothing to do with Remy but glances at the picture in her bed. We then see Val taking a call from Ethan and that she's sorry they weren't in touch lately. I see something! Remy, it works! Just wait! Pull through! #TeamRemyFTW

Grade: C

Rosie. Ugh. Reggie felt threatened by Spence and made it look that Spence started the fight since Rosie wouldn't clarify their relationship. No more I'm going to say about this!

Grade: E


Grade: FFF- (Can I do that?!)

What did you think of this review? Head out to the comments. I'd love to talk about this!

- Best storyline finally goes to Marisol for revealing the Dahlia backstory. Worst still goes to Carmen.
- Best snappy oneliner: Valentina: Things are little bit crazy at home. Adrian: Is Tony helping out? He's supposed to be on top of things. Val: Oh, he is.
- Honorable mention goes to Nicholas for being a man!
- Just pull through, sweetie. We're still with you, Remy. #TeamRemyFTW
- Sorry for putting up this review so late.

About the Author - Rama van der Garde
Rama is a deaf man from the Netherlands who loves drama shows. His favorite show is the dearly departed One Tree Hill. In his time, he studies at the academy of arts and plays volleyball in the free time. He will almost watch anything teen-soap related.

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