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24: Live Another Day - Another Character Centric Spin-Off a Possibility

TVLine also asked Gordon and series co-creator Robert Cochran if, should 24 return again in one form or another, Kiefer Sutherland might pass the baton, leaving, say, Yvonne Strahovksi’s spunky Kate Morgan to fight the next good fight.

“I think it’s a possibility,” Cochran allowed. “There are no specific plans right now, but that’s the kind of thing we’d consider.” Added Gordon: “The format itself is very sturdy and with the right story it can be compelling. So if a [Jack-free] story presented itself to us, we would be open to it.”

All of which leads to the larger question: Could there be more 24 in Fox’s future? “We learned to never say never,” Gordon said during the call, “but I think everyone is feeling the appropriate bruises and wear-and-tear that the show takes. So right now is probably not the best time to answer that question!”