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24: Live Another Day – 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Review: “A Mixed Bag”

I am livid. I’m so angry that I cannot fathom the words to describe it further. Anyone who knows how much I dislike season 7 just for the pure concept of bringing Tony back from the dead will get a sense of how angry I am right now.

I said in my review last week that I love when 24 does emotional send-offs. It’s one of the greatest aspects of the show. What I loathe is the fact that almost the entirety of last week’s episode has just been rendered null and void. What this fake-out shows me is that the writers lack balls. They lack the balls to actually go through with killing a major character. On a show that is memorable for killing off major characters on a regular basis, this is a terrible misstep in the show’s progression.

What was interesting was to see how it was done. Which is, to say, with very little explanation. So, Chloe hacked into the drone feed and put it on a loop. But Heller didn’t know this. Was Jack shouting at him? How did he get off the pitch so quickly? Was this him (see picture) leaving the pitch? There was so little explanation about it. At least when Tony’s death was faked (both times) they explained how he survived.

Luckily, so little time was spent on Heller and so much time was spent with exhilarating story, I mostly forgot about Heller. There was an awful lot going on, particularly for the first half hour.

The firefight between Kate/Eric and Margot’s people was fantastic, as was seeing Jack covertly make his way into the building. I loved it when Jack abseiled down the building in order to get into Margot’s room. It was even more fantastic when he threw her out of the window. Margot had it coming, and it was great that she finally met her demise.

Very reminiscent of 24 of old, the terror threat has been averted with hours to go in the show (15, in fact). And so, the secondary storyline moves firmly into the spotlight as the primary story. Steve Navarro was finally uncovered (by someone who isn’t then murdered by an assassin), and it’s clear that Adrian’s acquisition of the override device from Navarro is going to be front and centre for the remaining three episodes.

Decrypting the CTU files
  • I actually watched this promo and so was spoiled about it. However, I did also watch it before I had finished my review of last week’s episode, which made it especially tough to write.
  • I don’t remember having said it in any review yet, but Sean Callery is a genius. Every possible award that he could win, he needs to win.
  • How long until Jack and Audrey hook up again?
  • Chloe, what the hell are you doing going with Adrian?
  • RIP Jordan.
  • How exactly does Jack have a contact in the CIA when he’s been hunted by the government for the last 4 years?

Excluding Heller being alive, this was a fantastic episode that I really enjoyed (far more than I expected to having been spoiled about Heller). I’m really looking forward to seeing where the show goes in the final three hours.

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