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Warehouse 13 - Saying goodbye to a series of endless wonders

Crazy history classes with a mix of sci-fi and goofy characters are over. Warehouse 13 has come to an end. A bittersweet one; only 6 episodes to say goodbye to these group of beloved characters, and a seasonal arc a little over the top. 

Episode after episode we welcomed to our screens the warehouse agents and whatever adventure the artifact of the week might bring them. With every artifact the audience received real history facts mixed with, obvious, made up stories. And this was one of the strong points of this series, and what made it so interesting, specially during their first seasons. It was the perfect show for history enthusiasts. 

 The archetypes of each character were also one of the most interesting things of this show; the nerd, the geek, the grumpy but lovable boss, the psych, the goofy partner, the evil mastermind. The public learned where these characters were coming from, and fell in love with them. Besides the artifacts, and how well these series managed the sci-fi genre, the dynamics between the group was what made the audience tune in every season. 
 It was a show of endless wonders and selfless acts. Partly this is, for me, why the last season was bittersweet, not only because it brought new characters in (like Claudia’s sister) but because it lost some of the dynamics, HG’s mentor figure to Claudia, or her friendship with Myka.  It seemed that a simple comment stating that HG was now living with a woman, was an intent of fan-service to the gay percentage of the audience, and a superfluous one. Her short appearance on the finale didn't help the case either. 
 The (new) flashbacks for each character, and what did they remember from the warehouse seemed like the writers didn't know what they have written for them, because half of those made up ones could have had the same subtext that plots that happened seasons ago. 
 In the end Claudia and Pete seemed to be the character’s that got their arc properly closed, specially when we see Claudia as caretaker. With that ending I wonder, could that mean that somehow SyFy left the doors opens for a mini-series, movie or something with a new generation of warehouse agents? Who knows.

 Overall we say goodbye to a show filled with gratifying episodes and (at the time) character’s arc that seemed to have been thought thoroughly and known by their writers. Other episodes were ridiculous, but even then it was always a fun show to watch, a light sci-fi/ dramedy that knew where its virtues and faults lay. We still have the dvd’s to rewatch our favorites episodes and get lost in a world of endless wonder.