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The Americans - 2.13 - Echo (Season Finale) - Advanced Preview

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   Finally, the season finale of the second season of The Americans will air tonight on FX. I'm having mixed feelings about it. In one way I'm super excited and I can't wait for this episode. It has been a wonderful season, full of surprises and revelations, the game has changed for everyone and I'm very excited about its conclusion. But in the other way, it feels like the season just begun and I don't want to leave Elizabeth and Philip. It really feels like there are so many stories to tell with those characters, 13 episode is not enough. And a year is going to be too long to wait. I'm just super impatient.
   I'm confident the season finale will meet your expectations. I had the chance to watch it, and it's really an extraordinary episode. The Americans always has this strange tension, it's very calm, with those long pauses and silences and suddenly, it's full of action, pursuits and fights. This show is so entertaining and surprising.

   Of course, as it's the season finale, crazy things will happen in "Echo". One of the big mystery of this season, the identity of Emmett and Leann's killer, will be resolved. I won't tell you who it is but the writers really find a perfect way to reveal the information. It's scary, astonishing and tragic. The revelation will come in an unexpected way, clearly making this scene one of the best of the show so far. The tension has never been so high I think, expect maybe in last season finale when the FBI shot at Elizabeth and Philip's car... But this year is even crazier.
   Philip and Elizabeth's lives have been turned upside down this season. They have faced crises in their personal lives and in their spy lives, and it's not going to stop.
   Another couple have faced a major change since the last episodes : Nina and Stan. their situation is completely different, Nina pretends to love Stan while he sincerely loves her. Or he loves what she represents, what she can offer, contrary to his wife... Or soon to be ex wife as things are going between them. But Stan has a choice to make. He has been asked to give information on Echo in exchange for Nina' safety. He has to choose between his love and his country. In "Echo", Stan will make his final choice and this choice will have major repercussions for next season.

   "Echo" is the perfect season finale, you can expect major developments and twits and also :

- The best scene opener of The Americans. Seriously, those 4 first minutes are excellent. The direction is amazing and all the actors are at their best. We'll follow four different characters in the same time. And as usual, the music is terrific.
- The revelation of Jared and Kate's connection. Why did she meet with him undisguised ? We will finally understand why.... And it's something I've never expected from her.
- A new handler for Philip and Elizabeth. They sure need one, better than Kate (especially now that she is dead), and this handler will come with a huge revelation... Like very, very, very huge... Like it can change Philip and Elizabeth forever.
- A family trip ! Because Philip and Elizabeth are such good parents, they will take their kids on a trip and it will be fun, according to Henry... But, it might be just an excuse for his parents to finish their secret spy mission.... Henry, you can be so naive some time !
- A dream, from Stan... It's kind of weird and foreshadowing in the same time. It will give a better view of what hides in Agent Beeman's mind. And it can give insight on Stan's final choice.
- An arrestation ! Yeah, someone is getting arrested by the police...
- A meaningful hug from Philip and Elizabeth. It's a very sweet moment in this crazy spy world. And it really marked me. I can still picture them when I close my eyes....
- Martha and Clark will have the children talk.... I know there have been a lot of speculations in the comments about Martha being pregnant or not. I'm not saying she is or she is not, but the two lovebirds will share their opinions and desires about kids. Are Paige and Henry going to have a new siblings ?
- Deaths ! Body count : 3

  "Echo" is the episode I've been waiting for since the season started and I didn't disappoint me, so I really hope it won't disappoint you as well. The second season has been a wonderful journey for all the characters, everyone has changed and evolved so much. Each character has really grown since the pilot. The cold war also has changed and has intensified. The tension has risen, Philip and Elizabeth's mission is more dangerous every day as Stan gets closer to the illegals. Everything is starting to accelerate and "Echo" will successfully balance all its parts.

   Are you excited about The Americans' season finale ? Hit the comments !
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