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The Americans – 2.11 – Stealth – Review

   The Americans second season is coming to an end, only two episodes left and in “Stealth”, Wednesday’s last episode, we could really feel the tension rising. It was an excellent episode, one of my favorite of the season. It was the perfect balance between the spy drama and the personal drama. Everything worked out in a great way.
   Stan is getting closer to the illegals, Philip and Elizabeth’ secret identities are at risk like they’ve never been before. But the Rezidentura is getting ready to act against Agent Beeman, using Nina. By using her, they are putting Nina in a terrible position, the choice she’ll make may be her salvation or her death sentence. It was such an exciting episode, let’s start reviewing it !

   With the revelation of the FBI knowing about Emmett and Leann, Philip and Elizabeth’s world was shambled. Especially Elizabeth's, since she chose not to give Jared his parents’ letter, Jared might have found out about his parent through an American. I still think she was right not to give him anyway.
   But choosing to visit him was a bold move. It was so dangerous, but I understand why Elizabeth felt she had to do it. She had to be sure, her family lives are at stakes too. The scene between Elizabeth and Jared was so powerful. The silences were so tense, I loved how they both paused before talking, and the way they look at each other, as they were judging and second guessing themselves. I loved it when Jared said “I’m not stupid”, it meant a lot. The guy knows something is up, he doesn’t know what it is yet but I’m guessing he will find out soon enough.
   After their meeting, Elizabeth decided to tail Jared and follow him in the city. She had to make sure he was telling the truth and not meeting with a FBI agent. Elizabeth, and all of us I guess, were shocked to discover Jared was meeting with Kate ! And she didn’t change her appearance. What the hell does that mean ? Why do she have contact with him ? And why isn’t she altering her look when she meets with him ? I’ve never really like Kate and I had my doubts about her. Bring back Claudia already !

   Kate really seemed too inexperienced from the start to be the right pick for Elizabeth and Philip. They need a handler at the top of his game. Kate wasn’t all that bad, she proved to be good but she needed to be excellent.
   The scene at her apartment was so tense, it was one of my favorite of the episode. I really liked how she reacted. When she got the bathroom and used the toilet, I knew something was off about it but I’d have never guessed it. Unfortunately, she was attacked by Larrick.
   Larrick is continuing his murderous revenge quest since last week episode, he is getting closer to Philip and Elizabeth than ever. Kate didn’t reveal anything during her interrogation, she knew he would have killed her anyway. That’s why she let the message in the bathroom, she knew it was over for her. Larrick broke her neck. I was a bit sad to watch her die. She could have been a better handler, maybe with time and practice.
   Still, Kate was good enough to leave a secret message on the toilet paper ! Philip and Elizabeth had to check her place since Elizabeth saw her with Jared and she wasn’t answering. Once again, it was very tense in that apartment. I was afraid Larrick would still be here and jump on them.
   Elizabeth and Philip were safe and went back home to decrypt the code on the toilet paper from Kate’s, and the message was clear and still it raised so many questions : “get Jared out”. Did Kate see Elizabeth in the afternoon when she was tailing Jared ? Why is Jared so important to Kate ? Is Larrick going after Jared ? Why Jared would be in danger ? I can’t wait for the next episode !

   Now that Agent Stan knows Emmett and Leann were two illegals, he is more confident than ever. He knows he was right since the beginning and now I don’t see anything that could stop him from continuing his investigation and finally finding out about Philip and Elizabeth.
   He was so proud of himself. Stan is a great FBI agent, it doesn’t look good for Philip and Elizabeth… But Stan has a weakness, a terrible one : Nina. Stan’s marriage is not over yet, but things are not looking good. They both had affairs, but they don’t know if their marriage is over yet or not. They’re not sharing anything, I think their marriage is over. They just need to realize it. Anyway, the scene was so well written and Noah Emmerich and Susan Misner were amazing, so true in their characters. It was really a nice moment, something so personal and normal in this crazy spy world. I love those scenes because they really put the characters into reality and they show us how difficult it must be to live those two lives. And Stan is even living three lives with Nina.

   And poor Nina, she had to make a hard choice in this episode. Since she betrayed the motherland and finally chose to be a triple agent, she knew this time would come. We all knew it, but I’ve never guessed it would have come so soon. Using Stan’s martial problems and his clearance on Stealth program, the Rezidentura wants to have access to Echo, a computer system (and the title of the season final btw). So Nina needs to get it from Stan or she will be sent to USSR and put on trial (and probably sentenced to death). That Arkady didn’t tell her first, but he told Oleg who told her.
   Oleg and Nina are so cute together. I loved their scene together where he offered her a pin. It was so delicate and sweet, they really make a good couple. They could have had a nice life together, if they weren’t caught in all that spy war. Oleg really loves her and he proved it in “Stealth”. Arkady finally revealed to Oleg that Nina first betrayed the Rezidentura. He was choked, but it didn’t affect his feeling toward her. Oleg only wants to protect Nina, it was touching when he told her he knew and that her life was at risk if she failed the mission. I’m not sure it’s the truth or if Arkady is playing with them, out of jealousy. But the Cold War is escalating slowly with Larrick killing Georges and Kate, Stan getting closer to the illegals, the Stealth program could put the USSR in danger at anytime.

 Spy Notes : 
• Paige is like her mother ! Finally, Elizabeth realized it. They both want to make a difference.
• Anton and Vasili were back ! I’m always glad to see them and listen to their dialogue.
 • Phil’s mission was nice but not that interesting. I’m sorry but Zeljko Ivanek is everywhere, and I’m not a big fan of him.
• Henry’ scene with Stan was fun ! FBI comic books, I had no idea ! Do you think Henry is interested in becoming FBI ? Imagine Phil and Elizabeth reaction to that !

   Did you like "Stealth" ? Share your opinions ! Hit the comments !

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