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Supernatural - Season 9 - Latest from TVLine - May 19, 2014

“Sam and Cas are going to have to team up because Dean has powers that are heretofore unknown, so they’re surprising both Sam and Cas,” previews star Jared Padalecki. “We have to go to a pretty big extreme to take care of what’s going on with Dean.”

Meanwhile, as Cas faces the loss of his angelic powers, he “may go to great lengths” to save his own skin, says co-star Misha Collins; at least it seems like he’ll have some time before his juice runs out completely. “I’m interested to see what the writers do with Cas’ fading grace in Season 10.”

Although the Winchesters have been at odds for much of the year, Padalecki assures TVLine that the season ender is full of “a lot of what makes Sam and Dean Sam and Dean and a lot of that brotherly love that the show is based on. You see a lot of it in the finale, in a weird way. So hopefully, next season, we bounce off of that” to show a stronger bond between the two, he says.


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